Jesus Dines With Outcasts & Sinners

I usually have these random thoughts popping in my head about how Jesus must have lived on earth— like eating fish; and at times I just end up smiling amazed to myself. And today, I was wondering how He must have lived […]

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God’s Word Never Fails

There seems to be something happening with the governments around the world. A shaking of some sort. And this is not only being experienced in Africa, but all over the world. There is rising a high level of unrest, violence, mistrust, hate, […]

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Jesus Loves You

I was telling a friend of mine over the weekend how there are days when I have so many things to write but I am unable to find the words to express those sentiments. And November has been that kind of a […]

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Jesus Ate Fish

So today morning I had this interesting thought about humility. There is something that I have always found fascinating. And that is— That Jesus ate fish. For some reason whenever I have this thought, my heart lights up with this amazement and […]

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An Year Older!

Weeeeeeeellllll! Being a very conservative person, I had figured I’d just enjoy the day low-key and eat some melons or something. But I had such an amazing day, I couldn’t let this day just pass by without having imprinted it on my […]

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If The LORD Should Tarry, And Death Knocks At My Front Door

If the LORD should tarry and death knocks at my front door, Weep not for me saying,” Oh she had a long life ahead of her, Oh what a tragedy” But rejoice! For I will be resting in Jesus.   If the […]

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The Place of Suffering In Life

Why do people often suffer so badly? This is one question I will probably never have an answer for until the Lord returns. Whether it is a human being or an animal, my heart breaks when people or animals suffer. At times, […]

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The Return of Jesus Christ

Hello my beautiful readers. I trust that the LORD has kept you safe, healthy and in all His graces throughout the period that we haven’t spoken. 🙂 Literally, writing here is my form of communication to all people who read my blog, […]

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The Song of My Heart

The joy of the LORD is my strength. I shall not be afraid, I shall not fear. For He goes before me in all my ways, He leads me in all righteousness. He is my solid foundation. He is my firm fortress. […]

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A Letter By Jesus To The Church In Ephesus: In The Age of Paul The Apostle

Happy Weekend to you all 🙂 Today, we are going to look at one church I have always found interesting from the biblical events. As we previously looked into types of the church ages in the article of the church of Laodecia, […]

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December 2020