I dragged my feet to the porch to get the paper;

There! Lay a dozen of red roses.

He bought me bouquet of roses, in them a note:

Am sorry love

They were beautiful, as red as the blood stains on my robe. I couldn’t get to clean the stain off, it stuck there a constant reminder.

My whole body was in pain, the memory still vivid as he bashed my face to the wall, his fists on my face and his legs on my stomach.

He kept hitting, pushing, pulling and throwing me around like a bag of bones.

I lay there silent, no longer able to feel the pain. I just wanted him to slay me, to end me.

But he was sorry,
He said he was sorry and he loves me.

On our bed, lay a beautiful dress.
He bought me a red dress, on it a note:

You’ll look gorgeous in it

Tears filled my eyes.

I couldn’t help but cry, I remembered how his words punctured my heart.

He complained about my body,
“You are too thin, you are too fat”
He deplored my cooking,
“It’s too salty, it has no taste”
He complained about the sex,
“It smells pristine; you’re sleeping with other men”

Where are my kids? You can’t bear children! You are becoming an old hag!

Sixteen months in my marriage I was once happy.

I walked out of the hospital with the news I would become a mother. I have loved you my babies, I have longed for you to love me back. I feel your love in my veins, four months and you are already kicking and playing.

My four babies,
My four joys,
My four pregnancies,
My four miscarriages.

But he was sorry,
He said he was sorry and he loves me.

It was no special occasion! No anniversary, No birthday, No valentine.

But he bought me a car.
A red Citroen car, on it a note:

You deserve the best
See you in an hour.

I apply make-up, to hide the bruises, I put on my stockings to cover my scars, I wear a smile to cover my pain.
I must look beautiful because today is his day.

He is a prominent man, he is recognized for his exemplary works toward the community.

He has left a mark in peoples’ heart.
They may not be scars, but they are marks.

He is a superior in this town.

He loves me and he needs me to be there for him at all times.

He is my husband,

For better or for worse,

Till death do us part.

This is my fortune, this is my fate.

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