My Power of Invisibility

If I would have one power it would definitely be invisibility, in that mask I feel bare, I feel so unrestrained. Imagine so many things that you would do, a new soul, all fresh, reborn, regenerated.

All my life, I have worn this invisibility cloak, I walk around in it every day, oh what you see, what you hear, what feel when we stop looking. The intensity of the world all in one wave.

The serenity in sole solace, I close my eyes, I sit and block my mind from all thoughts. I disappear to the depth of my soul.

I just listen!

All I can hear are,

the Leyland cypress trees swaying,

the birds chirping,

the winds blowing,

I smell the so green grass and fertile soil,

I can taste the humid air as it comes to me.

In that moment I feel something in my heart, something strong, but it is closeted.

Strength of love, it is lost and remote. It doesn’t know where to go or whom to go to.

I feel pain directed at many things at once.

I feel the power of greatness inside me, the believe that I am destined for greatness but above all these feelings,

I feel helpless; all I need is a hand, whose hand?

I am trying to reach out…..

Don’t go; don’t leave me like this,

I feel a sort of heaviness in my heart, its building up to my eyes,

Tears? I cannot cry, I must be strong!!

But for who? Let it go…

Let me go!

Let me run!

Let me come!

Come to you, stranger, my stranger

Just hold me, hold on to me like you need me,

Look into my eyes, I am strong and powerless.

There is life, hope, light, love, pain, struggle.

Finally I let go….

Then I open my eyes

~A new beginning

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