HIS & HER’S On Valentines

So I here valentines is around the corner…
Preparations anyone? You? Me? Him? Her? What will you do? I mean if you are dating that’s another story….
But you seriously don’t have to go out of your way to fetch a chariot or buy expensive jewelry, but if you want to you can.
Okay I’ll start with:

I need you to take yourself back…
Remember the first time you saw her? You might or might not have felt the magic right then, but you probably saw something in her that made you want to skip a game with the guys. Yes! Don’t deny it…

Then you asked her out, scariest moment I know because you never know really if she’ll say yes or she’ll reject you. But she said yes…then you went out on a first date, second one, third one…whose counting now! Subsequently you asked her to fit your missing puzzle.
Now you’ve probably learnt stuff about her that isn’t so… let’s call it lovely, maybe she’s moody today, giving you mixed signals tomorrow, a bit stubborn, a little possessive, doesn’t take you seriously at times, a bit overbearing, wants to chill when there is a game on … I don’t know but you get the point. Now you see that is what makes her her! Even with all her flaws, there is something about her that makes you feel some type of way… maybe when you have had a shitty day and you remember something she did or said and warms your heart right up!

Now to my point: when it’s valentines all girls love being pampered it’s not science fiction, it is as real as I say! But maybe this time tap into something that’ll leave a mark. Touch her soul and do it each day.


I’d say ladies are sensual beings we think with emotion and feelings. Guys are difficult sometimes because you never really know what they are thinking and that creates chaos in a womans mind. I guess that’s something will never know and have to live with, but if he loves you with his eyes believe it, if asks for trust give it and if he loves sports support him. Maybe your always in doubt, it’s natural that is why we say take a leap of faith. It is a sure way to grow.

Now to my point: The only thing that matters is that he knows you love him, you are his only, you cater to him, make him feel special and you will always be there for him in whatever situation.


Well…..I will do something, I don’t know what but I will 
24/11/2009 I will probably remember this day, smile and do that something which I don’t know yet.
That is all you will here from me about valentines



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