I am back :)

So nowadays I always feel like am talking to someone when I write here…
I have been away for sometime but now am back:)
Anyway, remember my previous post? The one I started by declaring that I would focus all my energies on myself well…I kicked of my year with so much energy, unfortunately I got a bit under the weather.
I was having problems breathing; I know it’s scary huh? I got diagnosed with emphysema, thankfully it wasn’t so serious, and it could be cleared by medication but by God was I having so many scary thoughts!! like they were all over!!! surgery, needles, hospitals, blood, Intubation.

but God is great yeah?

I missed doing so many things though.

I took plenty of photos

wandering around the hospital I managed to capture this beautiful environment.

and selfies too


My friends and family came by to visit too and brought me a lot of healthy and unhealthy food hahah

telling me fake stories and ruining my hair…..

I missed my blog and writing most.

All things considered I give thanks to the Lord for taking care of me and for his grace and mercies not forgetting my beautiful parents who were there for me all through. I love you guys.

Now back to this…am so exited about my next post though I have no idea what it’ll be about.


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