Blessed and Thankful

So my year is nearly coming to an end, and I cannot begin to express the joy and happiness I feel. I have had the blessing to see yet another year, to love, to feel, to cry, to laugh with my loved ones.
I have experienced yet another year of growth and intense love. God has been great and faithful. Life has ups and downs and sometimes the downs can be really ugly you just want to stay down, but when you’re up, all you can do is give thanks and appreciate the blessings and these are the moments that give you the strength to get up when you’re down.

This short post I dedicate to the people who have been part of my life this year and have impacted it greatly, there are those I know we couldn’t share every moment together but are forever in my heart. The special people who will read this and smile, I pray to spend many more years laughing and crying by your side.

I want to appreciate myself too, for the woman I’ve grown to be. I can say sublimely, I am my own person; I am my own woman.


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