From Snow White to Hollow

When I was little I always used to wonder how people could get addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, work, money, you name it…
I used to think that the world is a jigsaw puzzle and when you grow up, all the things would eventually add up and fall into place, but then I grew up and now I understand.

I understand, that the more older we become, the more misguided and lost we become, trying as hard as possible to show others that we have a hold on things but we really don’t.

I understand why these addictions: drugs, sex, and alcohol, etc would be an option for escape from the madness in this life. The pressures of trying to achieve perfection or acceptance of others and of self.

It’s not by growing up that we become better versions of ourselves.
It is impossible to be perfect in this world. You will die trying to achieve it, trying to be like someone else or better than someone else not knowing they are as human as you and as broken too, maybe even broken than you are.

We are all addicts of something in this world, could not necessarily be any of the things I have mentioned above. We are slaves of something that ensnares us, and even when we try to fight and turn away from our addictions they always find us at our lowest and in that moment we feel the only way is to get that escape, that high, just one last time,  just one last fix and that is why I now understand addiction.

I understand now, that child innocence was blessing in disguise.

I understand now that sometimes ignorance really is bliss.


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