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The Soul of A Gypsy

So I think I’ll just creep in here real slow out of the shame of neglecting my blog!!

Long story short! I fucking conquered 2015! You see like the way people go about their new resolutions and all! I set out a plan and I went through with it, remember my first post 2015?!! Yeah?

Anyway! I have seriously wanted to post about so many events and feelings I have experienced, but it’s kinda hard to do that when the emotions have already passed, like you can’t really express them like you would have in that exact moment!

But guess what damas y caballeros! I got photos!!:)

Travel- Snapchat stories - Travel Bucket list


This was my plan!! The rest we leave for 2016!!

Travel- Snapchat stories trees—Soul of A Gypsy Girl

Travel- Snapchat stories— Embu Falls— Gypsy Soul Post

uum just to mention! This waterfall was like the most serene, most beautiful place I have ever been to! The land there was so green, soooo quiet, just stunning…
Take a look.

I got to experience such beauty thanks to a great friend who never relented despite my skepticism at first!

I have experienced immense emotion and passion that past year.

I just up and moved to a whole new county, and I totally fell in love with it! The climate!!! oooooh especially that, the peace, the freedom to be on myself for the first time!

Then it was the season to be jolly! Everybody’s best holiday! or rather let me say most people’s best holiday! Why I personally love Christmas, is because of the ambiance it exudes, the lights, the joy, the Christmas trees! I know I know I probably should have started with the fact that Jesus was born that day! That too! But the atmosphere and the energy is so surreal!
So am really going in on the yapping yeah?

So I packed up my favorite accessory and set out for Christmas….dot dot

Travel- Snapchat stories —Gypsy Post



Travel- Snapchat stories —Gypsy Post—Christmas

Travel- Snapchat stories trees

Travel- Snapchat stories hills views

Travel- Snapchat stories trees

Travel- Snapchat stories - Mount Longonot


So then…. I concluded the year with las mas importantes personas en mi vida!! Mi familia!!:) I would put up my new year selfie but I don’t think that’s a really good idea, you know I might become famous for my wild desire for discovery in the future and regret that selfie very much so let’s just leave it at comme-ci comme-ca…

I really feel somewhere deep in me, I need to start expressing myself much better! In words that is, not on paper! I have problem with that! Besides the point.
I visited giraffe center with the love of my life, yes am taken! yes we have been in love for nine years!!:))lol babe when you read this I love you heheh

Travel- Snapchat stories —Gypsy Post—Giraffe Center

Travel- Snapchat stories —Gypsy Post—Giraffe Center

Travel- Snapchat stories —Gypsy Post—Giraffe Center

Travel- Snapchat stories - Giraffe Center

Travel- Snapchat stories - Giraffe Center

Well, whoever is reading this, I highly suggest site-seeing which is a really great way to get your mind off things, meditate, help you see life in different dimensions(that’s correct yeah?)

So to conclude!! Guess who is doing German this year!? 🙋

I can proudly write Auf Wiedersehen without checking for the spelling 👐

Travel- Snapchat stories trees—Soul of A Gypsy Girl

Auf Wiedersehen!!!



January 13, 2016 at 7:29 am

awesome year it was for u..make 2016 more awesome

January 13, 2016 at 8:39 am

That end year selfie bit….so true

January 26, 2016 at 11:02 am

Twas a good read, humor n nice twist. So let us see what 2016 brings going to be an awesome year

January 28, 2016 at 7:16 pm

Danke!! yes hopefully all good tidings:)

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