What Do You Mean “I love You?”

Is this what you mean when you tell me you love me?
Do not tell me you love me when you don’t feel it.
Do not tell me you want me when you are only speaking for your body.
If I could give you my whole being would you accept me?
See I believe that if two people are meant to be one, both have to submit into the entirety of each other. I am racking at this keyboard with a heavy heart because you made me do it. I don’t know much about how love feels like but I recognize it’s veracity.

It is more like a vibration of souls and the desire to be refilled by your significant other whenever you feel like your running on empty. It is the invisible power of “whoever” to raise you up from the pits of darkness when your sinking and to hold you back high and so tightly with the unspoken promise of “I am always here”

So don’t you dare whisper you love me if you haven’t taken a spiritual journey with me.

I understand that the world has damaged your perception of love and acceptance but hold back that tom foolery from me. I have seen enough to know the kinesics and language of the eyes and your’s just don’t cut it baby.
Allow me to hold your hand and show you what you have been missing, allow me to take you to the pits of intensity and I promise you when you utter the words “love” they will stutter upon your lips like never have they been articulated before.

How about we both lose the world and build our own, create a haven with our own beliefs and paint it together.
I have never believed in that love word anyway, how about instead of I love you, you tell me I’m drawn to you wholly and completely and am your’s broken and unbroken.

When I ask you to run away with me to place unknown do not tell me to come back to reality because the truth, reality is a place filled with spoof and counterfeit individuals. It is tainted with people fighting for acceptance and approval from people who haven’t yet accepted themselves.
Maaaahn this world is fucked up! Am I the only one living in it to see what people are doing to themselves? Believing and clinging to the love of infatuation!
Indulging and gratifying sex before worshiping and adorning the mind, body and intellect of each other! Remolding their images because they don’t believe in the divine perfection of God.

So If you could allow me to close your eyes just for a minute and show you my world because I yearn to live in it with you.
All things indigenous and natal just the way they were beautifully created.
Darling, Maybe she told you, be more like Bill but I’m telling you now be more like you. I don’t think I would reduce you to just handsome, I believe that you were created only for my admiration, I don’t think your disabled in any way in point of fact your able to disable my senses with your perfect in my eyes. Maybe she said you are not enough; you are enough and I don’t need your blood pressure failing on me yet I have not had the pleasure of making us age together.

Am sorry the world hurt you, I know that life is not fair, the world has hurt us all but when we chose to see the great lessons behind that suffering we are accepting to chose and create our own beliefs contrary to those narrow minds of the confused folk walking among us. Move close and let me teach you how to mean I love you.


Bernard Macharia
April 28, 2016 at 6:33 pm

Huuu haaa..nothing much to say but a lot to feel

April 29, 2016 at 6:29 am

haha! I like that!:) thanks hun

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