Worth More Alive


It really saddens me to see what humankind are capable of doing just to earn that extra buck. I live in Africa, Kenya, and what fascinates me about this continent is the beauty it externalizes, the beautiful vegetation, the heritage of our land and our very own marvelous animals. I have always been captivated by animals and their unique ability to exhibit animal consciousness and awareness is simply astounding.

As a humans we are suffering and losing sight of the importance of these beautiful creatures. I believe that the world was created beautifully and uniquely in that everything that exists in it plays an immense role in the survival and non extinction of the earth.
I regard anything animate or inanimate in the terrene as nature and it’s loss affects the world enormously.

Why aren’t people seeing this? Poachers have invaded our territories butchered and put do death our animals just to get money’s worth and for what? For survival? There is no excuse that can justify the brutality of animal destruction, this is doubtlessly depletion of nature which is significant and vital to our land. THIS IS WRONG! IT IS UNACCEPTABLE AND AS A COUNTRY WE ARE AT A BATTLEFIELD WITH THIS ‘ANIMAL KILLERS’



The country has taken a step to burn of over 100 tonnes of elephant tusks and Rhino horns that were ceased from poachers, on 30/4/2016 to send a message that in KENYA we do not deal in ivory trading of any kind and there is going to be zero tolerance to poaching. We value our animals and they are worth more alive.








Each species is a masterpiece, a creation assembled with extreme care and genius ~ Edward. O. Wilson



Tourist strategy!?

Lol but if only people would visit Africa and see the beauty it beholds, It bewilders me at times. I am proud to have a heritage and be deeply rooted in Africa!


An elephant head formed by children in South Africa during the Global March For Elephants and Rhinos.


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