I find that nowadays there are so many love experts, with opinions on “how to lead your relationships”, “how to conduct yourself in case of any event that may arise in a relationship”.
If you ask me I’ll tell you simply that’s basically foolishness and BS of the highest extent.

Here, I will give opposing views and some might seem harsh but these are my opinions. I am no expert on any particular field (well apart from sleeping), but I believe that relationship “counselors” should not be called experts! Rather rumormongers or ultracrepidarians. (Note how I started by saying they give opinions at the beginning?)

Exactly what is their expertise? Nobody can make me understand that they are well and thoroughly equipped with knowledge of self-intellectual faculties. If you do not understand yourself at times, how can you begin to conceive others’ emotions and problems? You cannot relate at all to anyone’s situation be it as similar as your’s or another’s.

Emotion and feeling are very powerful tools of the mind & soul for a mere human being to just analyze and make deductions. It’s like trying to make someone understand why you love/hate somebody or something, consider the other person doesn’t share similar sentiment and therefore cannot fathom the intensity of your feelings.

Social media has created room for all types of relationship experts. You will find all sorts of “advisers”, “confidants”, “mentors” and my personal favorite “spiritual guiders”. I think the contributing factor has been the sudden need to advertise relationship problems online.
Take for instance these photos

and I agree.

I disagree!!

I concur 100%
I believe that the people who deserve your tears are the people you love the most because if they upset you, crying and distress shows how much you care about them. People who deserve your tears are the people who have walked with you throughout life and never left your side.

So don’t sit and let anyone tell you how to go about your relationships be it with family, relatives, friends. You alone know exactly what you’re going through in any relationship you nurture. I believe firmly therefore, that makes the basis of my post, that you alone have the power to decide whether or not a relationship is fruitful or not. Consult yourself first and you’ll realize you have the answers.


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December 18, 2016