Let Go, It’s Okay

There are times we just get tired of everything, of people and of trying. This post is not about “but you should always keep your head up.” Sometimes avoiding the things that make us suffer, things that remind us of painful memories just escalates the suffering. There are people who the world never recognizes as hurting people, the ones who go out of their way to make others laugh, to make sure that others are okay and comfortable, they help to alleviate others’ suffering, suppressing their own. You know those people who commit suicide and you wonder but they always looked happy, they always made us laugh, they made us feel life and alive. What possibly could have prompted such a person to take their own life? Those are probably the questions people asked when Robin Williams, Vincent Van Gogh committed suicide, most people were so surprised wondering how? Why?

This post however isn’t about suicides, it is about the people who make efforts to make others feel better about their lives, they give, give, give expecting nothing in return. Some simpleton person could ask why not think about yourself? Why not forget about others? These are the type of people who don’t understand that some people have subconsciously acquired a deep empathetic nature, they NEED to give, they NEED to share their own perception of happiness to others, they NEED to give others the happiness they lack in order to alleviate their own suffering.

The world doesn’t care for such people, in fact people would think they are just weak and “too nice” Either way we cannot blame the world or the people surrounding them in case of unfortunate suicide event. Everybody does get tired, everybody does want to quit and be left alone. Things never go for us as we intend, in fact they tend to lead us into what we would view as a darker path. I told you earlier this post is not about “but you should keep your head up” It is asking why we keep trying to keep our head up despite everything, what is this hope? What is this thing we are fighting to achieve at the end of time? What is the final reward? One might mistake these questions for chronic hopelessness, but there are times we need to give up, to not want to try any more, to just be and lay everything and everybody down so that we can look deeply into ourselves and into this “dark path” otherwise we will keep walking and somewhere down the road we will have hope but for wrong things, hope for “a better after life.”

It is okay not to know the direction, in fact it is a fallacy that people have a sense of direction, people are like sheep really just going as days come and go, don’t be fooled! It is okay to sit down and just breath in without necessarily doing anything, it is okay to sit outside and observe the skies, the sunset, things and people around us. It is okay to sit in silence with people without feeling the pressure to talk or gossip. It is okay to be clueless, it is okay to not have everything as you would want, it is okay to feel pain. It is okay not to be okay. Once we accept these facts and many others then we don’t always have to keep our head up, we can smile in our not being okay.

Reader Gerson Luiz told a story of a rose that longed for the company of the bees, but none would come to her.

Even so, the flower was still capable of dreaming. When she felt all alone, she would imagine a garden filled with bees that came to kiss her. And so she managed to resist until the next day, when she opened her petals again.

“Aren’t you tired?” someone must have asked her.

“No. I have to go on fighting,” answered the flower.


“Because if I don’t open up, I wither.”



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