Rain Down My Heart

The rain reminds me so much of where I was raised. I used to love when it rained because there was a certain kind of calm, peace and silence, the sweet-feel of downpour of water and the neighboring houses seemed so peaceful. The playground was always almost empty with very few cars and children’s toys and bicycles. 

The most beautiful part was driving or walking around the neighborhood. It was the most beautiful and loveliest feelings I recall having ever felt. The vegetation was always green with these tall palm trees alongside the roads. Taking a walk or going for a run for me in the chilled weather was so calming almost like meditation. The sweet scent of the rain, mud and breeze together with the silence entranced me to deep places within and I think that was the biggest contributor for the desire to want to live in a quiet and serene place surrounded by trees and nature. I could imagine walking there with my boyfriend just taking in the view and getting lost in nature and drizzles of the rain. 

The rain gives me beautiful goose bumps and makes my body hair rise; just as it pours I feel it flow as if flowing on my skin. The rain to me is like a healing power, a calming peace and it brings out my raging emotions. It takes me back to a beautiful past and arouses feelings that have been buried and lost for a long time but also reminds me of the dreams, fantasies, desires, memories that I harbor within and inside me. Whenever am inside a house or any  building and it starts raining I have to open the window to smell that sweet smell of the rain, to watch the raindrops fall and I remind myself that because of the rain there is life, hope and fire in my heart that has lived and will live on till my last breath.


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October 20, 2017