Selective Ignorance

There are times I choose selectively to be ignorant; ignorant of some books, events, issues, people and also my own consciousness. Many a times we think that people disturb or anger us which is incorrect, by allowing other people’s opinions to dominate in our lives we create our own suffering and blame it on others.

Take for instance; there are books that leave you in far more worse a place than you were in when done reading them. There are also other books in the guise of educating and liberating that come off as critical and judgmental. Many such books I have come to recognize are under the pretext of “Christian nature.” As a reader, I am very selective when it comes to material I read, I can even take two months before I get a really good book that I can’t put down. Some books I can tell are just off for me even before I begin the second chapter. One might ask “What happened to do not judge a book by its cover?” If one cannot write in mindfulness and compassion, then one cannot change or inspire a life.

I believe that writers have a requisite to express themselves unreservedly but also have the responsibility to ensure that they are leaving the reader better off. One doesn’t need to read just any book to feel self improved; one only needs to discover what exactly touches him/her deeply and positively.

Similarly, that goes to the other things I had mentioned, there are people who have no spirit of a positive conscious and hanging around such people can be weighing. It doesn’t matter how positive and mindful one tries to be, surrounding oneself with compassionate, loving and encouraging people is very restorative. This is a teaching that is taught a lot, but really how practiced is it? Plato said, “Ignorance is the root and stem of all evil” but there also exists false knowledge which is far more dangerous than ignorance ~ George Bernard Shaw.


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