Dear Simon

I trust you are keeping on well and chasing your dreams.

I am well myself.

I always tell people, “whoever you meet in this life even if you interact for a second, has a purpose to be in your life in that exact moment. It only remains a question of ‘were you able to see it?'”

Thank you for the book! It was an amazing read! The reason I am writing to you is not so much that you may read this, but so I may be reminded that any person can come into your life and inspire change.

However, in as much as they can do that, it requires effort, will, persistence, discipline and prayer to totally transform your life and thought process.

Thank you for being an amazing boss. And for making my settling in such an easy time.

I wish you all the best in your life journey and endeavors. Be brave and remember, the universe is always on your side as long as you remain true to the path of searching for meaning!

Best Wishes.

Also on a side note— 03/11/2022

I discovered what we were both searching for all those days ago we spent sharing our ideas and thoughts in the office; all those long conversations we had in the office about life and purpose….I finally discovered the treasure we were both searching for: It was Jeeeeeessssus!

It was Jesus all along. I am so stoked; how I wish I could see you again and tell you all my adventures since your resigned.

In the meantime, I am praying for you.

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