A Path to Peace

I believe one of the bravest thing a human being can ever do is forgive. Our flesh really fights against forgiveness and I think that is why people prefer to stay in anger and bitterness because they cannot imagine letting go of people who have hurt, abused & mistreated them, or situations that have broken and disappointed them.

Let me tell you, something happened to me this past week, I almost got robbed in a PSV by some people and the whole situation just shook me literally. I replayed the whole ordeal at work, my focus was low, I was anxious, I was even afraid to board another PSV.

I started to talk to God about it and while I began to firstly thank Him for getting me out of the situation safely, I remembered almost immediately a promise He had made to me about my peace and safety.

This was one of my doubt moments in God. God gives us a foretelling about some things in our lives and we believe Him in that moment. However, when we are tested we realize that there are still some residues of doubt and suspicion that lay deep inside because our lives have been through a lifetime of disappointments.

I just sat down in silence and had no words, MY GOD KEPT HIS PROMISE TO ME despite my unbelief.

Image Credit Christine Caine

Let me be so real, I am going to strive to do all the things He asks me to do even if my flesh is burning in pride and anger. I believe this is the only way we can win our battles; putting to death the flesh. I have tried fighting for my peace in so many carnal ways only to end up in anger and tears.

But I am finding a way that works and no, it not only just works, it blesses me, it gives me more peace, it helps me give freely to others, it helps me understand that other people are also going through hardships, it gives me so much wisdom.  The world stops revolving around me and I start asking, “what can I do for someone else? How can I be a blessing?” Yes I will suffer some temporary pain in the flesh but my goodness! WHAT I STAND TO GAIN!


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