Be Fearlessly Authentic

I am such a purpose person and you will always find me asking people if they are happy where they are, and if not why they think or belief they are not happy.

I meet people who are passionate about cooking, baking, singing, dancing, volunteer work, studying arts and sciences, talking about living their true passion but they are afraid of taking a leap of faith because that leap always means having to put the comfort on the chopping board.

Thousands of people get up everyday, do the same thing, complain about the same job, the same systems, the same routines not knowing that they have the power to change their circumstances. I make this sound easy when I write about it, but it’s not as easy. If you are willing, all you need are the below four tips and I can guarantee you 101% if you follow them you will start seeing amazing results in your life.

  1. A book and a pen
  2. Your dreams, aspirations, vision, crazy ideas that are somewhere in the back of your mind. Get them out of there and write them on your book.
  3. The power of the tongue -this has got to be where most people get it so wrong. I discovered this precious gift through my spirituality and this has worked for me greatly. Affirming and speaking to the universe, making declarations that I can, I will, I must, I have to achieve all my dreams. This is one of the simplest practices but extremely toilsome because it needs much nurturing and practice. Speak to your dreams, declare your dreams, even when they do not look like they are coming to life. Speak! Speak! Speak! Yesterday, I was reading the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal and at the end of the verse, Elijah told Ahab, go eat and drink for there, is the sound of rain. There was no such sign of rain. His servant kept coming back to tell him, there is no rain, there is not even a sign of rain. Elijah, kept sending him back telling him to go check again. Now, I want to be brief here though I know I have taken a minute on this, we human beings have been wired to believe with our eyes, but if we stopped for a minute and dared ourselves to believe that the words in the scriptures are true even when they sound absurd, we would be truly amazed and in awe of God. Verse 44 then says ” In a little while the sky was covered with dark clouds, the wind began to blow, and a heavy rain began to fall.” Speak until what is in your heart comes to life.
  4. Last but not least– Ask, knock doors and seek that which your heart desires. If I can sum this point in one word, that would be simply ACT. You have got to be the driver of your dreams, yes there are people already called by God to help you, but you need to the main cheerleader of your dreams.

I was afraid to tell people I loved writing though I knew in my heart, mind and soul I was really talented as a writer. I did not believe in myself and secondly I had the fear of ridicule, “what If nobody ever reads my content? What if I am not that good? So many doubts and honestly senseless what if’s.

My purpose on this earth is to make people awaken and see their potentials, to drive people out of conformity and fear and plunge them into their bold and fierce destinies. This is why I am here on this earth, this is my calling, this is what makes my heart beat with mad–crazy passion. When somebody, tells me, “thank you for what you said or what you wrote.

If you walk in the foot prints of others
you will not leave any imprints of your own.
Follow your own light
That which makes your heart leap
That which makes you ask, what if?
The reason why we have so many frustrated people in the world is because the world tries to make everybody conform.

The world suppresses the individual light to avoid making waves.
But if you would only notice, the ones who stood and stand out are the ones who go against the grain, they inspire others to be brave and originals.
Create your own world and live the hell out of it.
Be fearlessly

~Wanjiku Mwangi


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