Be Fearlessly Authentic

I am such a purpose-driven person and you will always find me asking people if they are happy where they are, and if not, why they think or believe they are not happy.

I meet people who are passionate about cooking, baking, singing, dancing, volunteer work, studying arts and sciences, talking about living their true passion: only, they are afraid of taking a leap of faith because that leap always means having to put comfort on the chopping board.

Thousands of people get up everyday, do the same thing, complain about the same job, the same systems, the same routines not knowing that they have the power to change their circumstances. 

I was always afraid to tell people that I loved writing even though in my heart, in my soul, in my veins, and in my bones, I knew that I was born to write.

Firstly, my major problem was how I viewed myself— as less— even in God’s eyes, and secondly, I feared ridicule. “What if I write and nobody ever reads or likes my content? What if I am not that good?” So many doubts and honestly senseless what if’s.

Until Jesus found me. Then I realized that being Him, I needed not to fear if I was ‘good enough‘ or even did not need the validation of men.

My purpose on this earth is simply: to be authentically me in Christ; which subsequently extends to awakening people to their true regenerate natures.

My purpose in this life is to help drive people out of conformist ideals and fears of the unknown and point them to the way where their bold and fierce destinies lie (which God ordained for them before the foundations of the earth). 

I know! It sounds somewhat dramatic. But that’s the beauty of it! 

My purpose on this earth is to make people question why they do what they do, if they are fulfilled in what they do, and if God is glorified by what they do. But most importantly, my purpose on this earth is to share the love of Jesus Christ to the world; to yell at the top of my lungs –lovingly– that Jesus loves you, and, He heals all of our diseases and restores our brokenness.

My purpose is to point people to Jesus: unashamedly, fiercely, lovingly, authentically and truthfully.

If you walk in the foot prints of others
you will not leave any imprints of your own.
Follow your own light
That which makes your heart leap
That which makes you ask, what if?
The reason why we have so many frustrated people in the world is because the world tries to make everybody conform.

The world suppresses the individual light to avoid making waves.
But if you would only notice, the ones who stood out and stand out even today are the ones who go against the grain. They inspire others to be brave and originals.
Create your own world and live the hell out of it.
Be fearlessly

~Wanjiku Mwangi


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