Chaka Ranch

Be where you are otherwise you will miss your life —Buddha

I lack words to express the profound sentiments in my heart whenever I experience something that is truly beautiful.

I am deep. Not like an ocean deep. Like a cosmos deep. At times I fail to understand this deepness. There are days I am extremely in that deepness that I feel my body synchronising with the universe almost like I can see its particles entwine with my skin.

In the escape from the noisy confines of the city, I walked the trails of far distant tranquil lands this weekend. I talked to friends, I made love with the water, talked to the wind, flirted with the stars, talked to nature, talked to the moon…

Now, I am talking to you in the only way I could capture these beautiful moments.

I had a lovely and peaceful time. The full moon was stunning and the whole world felt perfect. 

See you—soon.


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