Shattered Time

Changing Times

There has been a great upside in technology. It has changed a lot of lives and helped us improve our socio-economic factors.

However, the negative effect it is creating is leaving a monumental tear in the fabric of human connectivity. We are getting absorbed by our inventions and creations which is causing us to be overly dependent on them, in other words we are allowing them to be idols in our lives.

I remember one time, I left the house and realized that I had forgotten my phone. My first instinct was to keep going because I would have managed without it. A few minutes later, I talked myself into going back for it. Here is one example of a foolish decision, I wasted a whole fifteen minutes of my time going back to get a phone that I would have managed to do without for a couple of hours. This made me realize that, in as much as I would not have wanted to admit it, I had a problem.

Now, imagine the generation we are raising, the fix it fast, “microwave generation.” Our children are getting addicted to these devices at an early age and we are allowing them access yet we do not understand their psychological, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual effect in the long run.

If we are to trace the trend from the past, we will recognize the pattern between technology, social media and the high rate of broken relationships, marriages, misunderstandings, suicides, bullying, murder and other vices. There is a lot of falsehood that is depicted on social media, the ideas of perfectionsim and happiness that are displayed are causing people to take their own lives and abandon their relationships to chase after this fallacy.

I was a social media addict and my life was in such a mess, my mind, my thoughts, my behavior, my character, my attitude, all looked like a can full of waste & trash. This was around 2016 when I decided to give all this up and begin a soul searching journey, a spiritual walk to renew my mind.

In as much as we would like to make an impact by changing our societies, I believe that change first comes from within, which causes a ripple effect to our families and subsequently to our immediate environment. I made a personal decision that I would not let anything make me a slave in this fallen world. How? Through constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit. If I encounter something that will aggravate my spirit I will set it aside. I want to live a life that God will be proud of. I want Him to boast about me and say, “that is my daughter in whom I am most proud.”

I am far from perfect, I make so many mistakes in a day, I am flawed and have so many weaknesses but there is one thing I am assured of, that my God has PERFECT PATIENCE. We progress together from one glory to another.

The world is changing and just as the times are changing all forms of evil are arising, people are coming up with more ways to inflict suffering upon others and themselves. Surely, if this is not a representation of a fallen world, I do not know how else to describe it.

However all is not lost, we have one hope that has been overlooked and cast away as insignificant and irrelevant. We have the greatest weapon of all time. We have Jesus.


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