Where are You?

I am here.

No I mean, how can I find You?

I am within you.

But I can’t feel You or see You.

Just be still and let Me.

How can I be still?

Stop trying to do what I only can do and let Me work. Let go and stop holding.

How can I feel You or see You?

I am everywhere, look deeply, the skies, the trees, the ants, the homeless child, the man by the road side, the car you are in, the birds perched on the post and the ones in the sky, your sister’s smile, technology, the stubborn elderly woman.

Are You still everywhere even in tragedies?


Why do You allow it?

Don’t focus on the tragedy.

You can’t ask that of me. It is painful. It hurts. Things do not seem to make sense. I am lost.

I know, but I am asking you to trust Me.

How? I have no strength.

I am not asking for you to do much, just fix your eyes on Me.

How can I know that it is You who is speaking?

I speak to You always, when you call upon Me or not I am always present.

I never hear You.

Because You doubt.


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