Staying faithful in times of trials is a task. There are days when you cannot see what lies ahead because everything seems so foggy and at times dark.

When you are going through a trial season, it is easy to get caught up in complaints and murmurings. It is easy to give up and let the obscurities overshadow you.

This past week, random things have been happening around me and to me. My blog was suspended at some point and now I cannot access it from the app through my phone, I had this surge of total weariness and burn out engulf me, low motivation energy levels adding to external factors of job hassles, mental and emotional exhaustion. If I was engaging in physical combat I would have yielded.

I had also written an article on financial investments and I lost the whole of it because of the error I kept getting while trying to upload it. I really felt bummed about it because it was so informative and I was in the zone. It’s important for me to write when I am in the zone because I know I am able to express myself fully and capture my audience’s emotions and attention. But I trust the universe will get me the words for another article on money matters again.

The number of times I have felt like withdrawing from all the uncomfortable places and feelings in my life of late have been numerous. There was an article I wrote just recently and I pointed out the lessons of that particular day being,

—Not to run from the flames when the heat gets turned up.

The amazing thing and I would really want people to understand this is that, if you are determined to really know God’s will in your life, He will make ways; not even one! Many ways to reveal to you what He wills for you to do especially when you are on the verge of fizzling out like a firecracker. The only thing He does not do is answer us according to what we desire at that that particular moment. Human beings have that habit of asking somebody a question thrice hoping they will receive a different response from the first one; and true to the fact, we are able to convince others to reason with us.

However, God does not operate in that fashion. Even if you ask a thousand times, if He said go right, He will not say, “okay you have nagged enough go left.” This point right here! Is where we give up and start doing our own things because we think God does not understand how much pain and hurt we are going through.

I finally came to a place where, I said out loud in the dark while walking home.

Okay God, I choose you. Even if it hurts, I choose you. I will not run from the flames. I choose you. I think at some point I started shouting so the devil would hear!

I have made terrible judgement calls in the past and I know that road is never pretty once you make some decisions; because it takes more time to get your breakthrough which would have been avoided had you obeyed God in the first place. And ain’t no way, I am the reason why I am getting delayed blessings!

The Holy Spirit, my best friend, has been so faithful to teach me about trust and patience. It’s ridiculous, it got to a point I was being revealed to about these virtues through the morphing of a caterpillar. I started laughing like, “I get it Lord, I get it.” He is like, “you need to understand it, not get it.” Yikes! (belly laugh)

The truth is, being a christian is not a walk in the park and if you are having a smooth sail then that would be a first. To walk in God’s commands and with trust, takes so much faith.

Hebrews 12 has taught me that plainly.

I love the Bible for that. It never sugar coats my nonsense. It is always straight to the point, very harsh when it requires me to style up and very loving when I need mercy, compassion and forgiveness.

Therefore, I straighten up my weak knees! (belly laugh) the Bible actually says this. This is not a joke! 😂

Hebrews 12:12
Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees.

And walk in the faith that I am moving towards the most blessed destination no man has ever seen.


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