Sprinkle grace like confetti

Give It Some Grace

It is almost end of year and I always carry out an extensive year evaluation. I go back to my goal board and see if I have managed to check off what I had planned to do for the year and I also review the mistakes I made and what I could have done better.

I tend to ask myself hard questions when I carry out this exercise and I end up getting irritable especially when I have to face the uncomfortable answers. This post therefore, is about extending grace to others and to oneself. Remember there was a time I told you guys that my temperament is melancholic? Which also has the perfectionism trait?

I struggle with making decisions not because I do not know how to, but because I dislike having to make the wrong decision (meaning I missed the mark the first time). And due to this, I tend to take longer looking for the perfect decision.

If we are to look deeply in our lives, I am certain we can find a time where we have disappointed ourselves greatly, we have made decisions that have infringed upon others or, we have had questionable behaviours that caused others to be uncomfortable with our actions, which in turn caused them to look deeply for tolerance. 

The truth is, there has never existed a man (aside from Jesus), on the earth who has made the most perfect of choices.

With this, I believe that we should learn to extend grace to one another, we should not be too quick to judge, to jump ship, to give up, to throw in the towel. I know here, a question may arise, “what if I have given all the grace I have?” To be honest, I believe such a question can only be answered after weighing one’s individual conscience.

I imagine the many times we error, we transgress, we fall into temptations, we even sin knowingly and yet, God still finds the grace to forgive us. He still calls us back to Himself and calls us His beloved— His children. This to me has got to be the greatest acts of love. For one to love us so unconditionally even in our most undesirable moments because his nature is love.

He is always ready leave the 99 just to find the one. In an investment perspective, this does not make any sense, to leave 99 pieces of gold just to search for one. But God’s kingdom operates on a totally different currency—faith, love, justice and mercy.

Forgiving others and extending grace is not easy, it takes tremendous humility with help of the Holy Spirit. But when we are able to cut others a break, it becomes a form of healing to ourselves. God in turn gives us peace beyond human understanding and elevates us to greater heights of rest.

This does not mean too, that we should allow people to mistreat us or misuse our goodness and kindness. Jesus did not give us peace in vain. I believe He desired we use this peace to bless others, to show other people His light. Thus, it is also as important to set healthy boundaries to maintain peaceful and respectful relationships.

When I look back at my life, I see situations that could have turned out terribly if my family was not hard and gentle with me at the same time. I thank God for the many times I made so many mistakes but God’s grace covered the shame that could have befallen me. Because of this, I too, have learnt mercy and to extend this precious gift called grace to others and to myself.

We all deserve grace, we all deserve mercy and when we give them to others, we transform not just one life, but multiple lives.

So yeah! Throw grace around like confetti.

Sprinkle grace like confetti


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