Greater Is He That Is In Me

Here is the most amazing thing about having strife in my heart these days, my spirit automatically detects it, “how?” you may ask. When you have experienced the peace of God everything else the world has to offer becomes but a mere shadow of things passing.

Yesterday, as I began typing what to say, I looked at the blank page for some minutes, which turned to some hours, which then turned to a whole day and I realized that I had nothing! For the first time, I had nothing to write.

Now, I have talks with the Holy Spirit so much these days, He is literally my best friend; I called us for a meeting because I am able to tell when there is something He wants to show me regarding my attitudes or character. It turns out I was having conflicts in my heart which was really disturbing my peace.

Now let me tell you again about God’s peace, it is beyond anything I have ever experienced in my life, you think going for a vacation, being left all alone in the house for a few days or having no calls or emails is peaceful? Hear me! THE PEACE THAT SURPASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING— Philippians 4:7

Why is it then we have never experienced such kind of peace? Because we do not allow God to work and fight our battles.

God is GOOD. It doesn’t matter what people say because I talk about Him all the time. I KNOW! There are times that I have sat in church and I have found myself crying because I couldn’t believe His goodness in my life. That He, has loved me? That is not just something to gloss over as if it were nothing. The creator of all the universe has loved and chosen me?

Despite being His beloved child, I know that I will  also face hardships, that, He has already told me.  But now I know the TRUTH about WHO is on my side.  He is my I AM.


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