He Commanded Our Fathers

Do you know that the name father is among the most powerful names in the Bible? A father is the only person who shares a name with God, that being, God the Father.


Because God has bestowed upon fathers a position of authority ordained by Him. I remember when I was younger and my mum would correct me and tell me not to do some things but I would still do them, but whenever I heard my dad enter the house and I was upto mischief I would immediately stop and behave even without waiting to be told.

Genesis 2:19 And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought [them] unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof. (KJV)

I interpret the highlighted scripture to mean that God gave men the ability to speak upon all creatures. He says, TO SEE WHAT HE WOULD CALL THEM. Therefore, a man can speak of his child and call him/her blessed or cursed and that will be the name thereof. This is kind of authority has been bestowed upon men from heaven.

Ask yourself, why is the enemy attacking the boy child and men in the present-day society? The boy child seems to be disenfranchised day by day. It is because the devil knows that once our boys and men know who they are in Christ, once they take charge of the authority that the Lord has given them, they will turn their homes and societies into places of honor, respect, faith, value, trust, love and unity. They will influence their homes in service and godliness faster than any other authority.

However, this authority does not come from the air or from dishing out orders, this authority comes from the source of all life, the creator of heaven and earth and that is why, Genesis 2:19 says, God brought unto Adam, that he my speak the names to the animals.

Therefore, all our boys and men should learn to wait and hear from God so that they may have a clear directive on how to lead their homes and fulfill their purpose on earth. Our world is becoming more and more infected with fear, despair and hopelessness and when there is a crisis men should rise up and act.

Fathers, spend time with your children and instruct them in the Lord when they are younger because it is easier to direct a child at a tender age. Once they are older, the effort to correct and instruct will be thrice as hard because already they have been influenced by friends, in school, by social media and other sources.

Fathers, be the source of influence to your children. A child is likely to emulate a father’s behavior even more than a mother’s in his actions because primarily, a father has spiritual authority over all creation.


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