September 2019 is almost gone forever.

I have enjoyed this month, I have slowed down, I am restructuring, shifting, embracing changes and being open to give and to receive.

I am doing this thing called ‘dating myself’ still figuring out which days are suitable to take myself out and appreciate the woman I presently am, my daily milestones and monthly accomplishments.

I do not want it to be cliché, I want to go new places, try new foods, experiment and keep learning about my beautiful soul.

I have been reading this book by Rob Bell called “Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith”. I am reading it slowly. I love it, I relate with it, I am enjoying it, I am getting blessed by it and I am really encouraged to see what other people have experienced in Christ and are doing by pointing others to the mysteries of God.

Repainting the Christian Faith: Rob Bell
Repainting the Christian Faith: Rob Bell

I am at peace with myself, with others and most importantly I have the peace of Christ, not as the world gives but as He gives.

In this headspace, I am also thinking about new materials for my blog. I love that what was once a dream is becoming a reality day by day. I was always afraid of writing due to fear. Now, I am embracing fear and transforming it into beautiful creations and stories with the strength of Jesus.

Truly, yet not I but the grace of God within me.


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