I Have Not Forgotten You

This message has been inspired by actual events that occurred over this weekend.

Some very special people in my life asked me a question. “Did you forget about us?”

My heart broke when I thought about the impact of that question, my mind was yelling “no! never! you are always in my thoughts and prayers every single day.”

In that moment I asked God so many questions, one of them;

Is this how You feel when people say You do not love them? You have forgotten about them? You do not answer them? You do not care about them? “

With that one question,

I understood so many things

Most of us have been calling upon God everyday and it seems He is nowhere to be found and to honest some of us have concluded that God either does not care, or does not exist. For if He was surely alive, there could not be such wickedness and evil in the world.

We have been in the world for so long that all we know is of the world. That is why, even when we think of Jesus, we have the same mindset that some of the Jews had. They did not believe in Him because they knew He was the son of Joseph the carpenter, so how could He claim to be the son of God?

This is where some of us find ourselves, we are in desperate need of Him but we do know if He truly exists.

His kingdom is available to all. However, it is only discoverable by those who put on Christ.


There are things about God that are hard to grasp, that is why those who are willing to follow His decrees move by faith and trust. God has never forgotten about any of His children, He knows each and every one of us by name.

I can boast everyday just being loved like this.

Just like those I love dearly asked if I had forgotten about them, I understood God’s love for us.

So what is the secret?


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