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One of my favorite books is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I remember the first time I read the book, I felt as though it was written just for me. I carried every word, every sentiment, every thought as though I was the shepherd boy on his journey for treasure.

I am really looking for words to write this post because I want it to get to people’s hearts so that they may begin searching deep within themselves. So let’s get to it!

I listen to people talk about their lives, their struggles and worries and I empathize. Truly there is a lot of suffering, people have been hurt badly by others, by circumstances, children, parents, relatives, employers and the fallen world we live in. There is evil and suspicion lurking everywhere in the world in that we cannot even trust our neighbours and loved ones.

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Now, I do not claim to have a solution to people’s problems and needs. But I have found something that is indescribable. That is why I write so much. I try to express what I have discovered as much as I can with all the words possible to bring out this hidden treasure.

I too, have also lived in the dark for a long time, no hope, rejection, anxiety, worry, etc. I was infected by all the feelings that contributed to fear and they kept me bound. But around this time, I began digging a tunnel, I kept digging and digging without knowing where it would lead me. With every obstacle and stone I turned, I kept digging. You can even say I was doing it just for the discipline or challenge of it or even trying to avoid my many perceived problems.

Till I came upon something wonderful, something until now I am unable to describe.

I found treasure.

Like the shepherd boy looking for his treasure in the book the alchemist, he came to realize that he had traveled a long distance and took up so much time in search for something only to find that it was right under his nose.

Excerpt “The Alchemist”

Here is there most strange thing about this treasure. It is free and it is in abundance, I mean you wouldn’t even exhaust it even if you were the greediest person on earth and it is right under own noses; accessible to all.

My first instinct was to shout to the whole world about my treasure

“OMG! look what I found, come and see! come and see!”

And the first person came and said, NICE! So did the second, the third and most of the ones I showed my treasure.

All the while I was wondering in my head, Nice? What do you mean nice? This is beyond words! Indescribable! It is like a stash of already polished, refined diamonds! FOR FREE!

Then, I realized, someone had been shouting the same way to me before and I was never interested, in fact I looked at the surface and saw beautiful rocks; so in my head I thought, “nice rocks, but everyone has those, I have mine too”

These rocks signify how we experience God on the surface, praising Him and talking about Him as though He were ordinary, someone we use to console ourselves while dealing with a lot of strife in life, still struggling with baggage that isn’t ours in the first place.

The secret about searching for something is, when you begin to search for something that is visible but invisible to the naked eye (like a human value, or even God Himself), you only need one thing — to have a will. That “I will start; I will not give up; I will ask all those who have gone before me about the challenges and learn how to overcome them; I will search for it, I will…”

Excerpt “The Alchemist”

You want to know the most amazing thing? Everybody is entitled to this treasure. I would like people to read this message and ask themselves these simple questions. Why am I here? Why all this life and death? Why these specific children or parents? Why these circumstances? What is the meaning of all these things?

Whatever reasons you find. Write them down or really meditate on them. Then day by day, ask God to help you answer them. For He has vowed to reveal Himself to all those who shall search for Him with all of their hearts. For He Himself, is the treasure.

Matthew 13:44 “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field. The Parable of the Pearl of Great Price
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Excerpt “The Alchemist”


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