In The Face of Death

There was a time I was so afraid of death, I had thoughts upon thoughts, questions upon questions.

  1. What is death?
  2. Why do young parents, children and babies die? Why do people die?
  3. What will happen when I die, what will become of my things?
  4. Where do people go when they die?
  5. What will happen to the people I leave behind?

When I was younger I thought only elderly people died. I think as a society we do not talk about death. Nobody ever told me anything about death and I think that is why when death comes knocking at our doors it totally disorients us because we honestly do not know how to deal with it.

Short story

There was a time I was constantly getting sick and I was so infected with fear of death that when I woke up everyday, I was shocked that I was still alive. Everytime I went to bed, I thought maybe this is my last night and this contributed largely to my ulcers and insomnia. I remember one time I posted this article on my instagram (I have never had the courage to delete my instagram because at times when I look at that girl in those posts, I thank God for calling her to Himself).

Now, imagine this, I have insomnia, hypochondria (health anxiety, that is, thinking that you have various diseases that you really don’t have), and then fear of death. To top it all up, I did not know who to approach to talk about these things and the people I tried to talk to did not seem to understand me. I didn’t even have kids yet or the things people would generally classify as “life stressors” but I had baggage that I did not know how to deal with.

This article is not about to answer the questions I had. It is about creating awareness about the things that affect us on a day to day basis but are never addressed. They are left for interpretation or to be dealt with when they occur.

I would like to just stress the importance of discussing death with our loved ones. If we do not know how to do it by ourselves, we can seek help from those who can.

To be honest, I wish somebody would have sat me down and explained to me what death is and it’s impact to the ones left behind. But I thank God for His teachings and understanding of His word. I got to understand that if I am in Christ, I have eternal life.

Imagine a scenario where death takes our loved ones and leaves our younger generation, the youth, little children clueless, without direction and where to seek comfort and refuge.

Where do they go? If you and I are to be truly honest examining the current state of dealing with death, they would seek comfort in the wrong places. At times that is what pain does, it has the ability to twist our realities and introduce fear, anxiety and despair.  But pain if used mindfully, also has the ability to build and make us strong pillars to others.

Talking about death does not mean that it’s reality will be less harsh, but I believe it gives the ones left behind direction and strength to move forward with life despite the circumstances.

I was randomly reading through David’s story early this year. I got to the part when He was about to die and I loved the encouragement he gave his son.

Let us talk to our children from a tender age and the younger generation about death, let us not let death rob us of our loved ones and also the ones left behind by leaving a void in their hearts that they have to look to the world for comfort.


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