O Cancer Where is Your Sting, Where is Your Victory?

I have been wondering what to write about the subject of cancer. Yesterday I was watching the news and I kept hearing one phrase over and over being said by people.

A voice inside of me kept saying “you should address this” So here I am and I would like to begin with that phrase and let the words lead me where they will.

The government should do something about cancer, diabetes and all the diseases that are troubling the people in this country.

I asked my sister who is the government?To be honest I was troubled and alarmed by the state of despair and despondency cancer is putting in our country. I felt the fear even while walking along the corridors and road sides, the conversations people were having by themselves in groups carried such hopelessness.

The truth and harsh reality is, the government of a country can only do so much about cancer. It can provide best medical expertise and create awareness about it. We too, can do our best to look into our diets, get regular check ups and create a conscious effort to talk about it.But even with all this said and done, I strongly believe that Christ is the only one with the solution to cast down every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.

Some of you may question, “But where is this God you keep telling us about?” I am nobody that I should defend Him, stand in place for Him and convince people that He is still in the midst of all evil and despair.

I only know what He has allowed me to know and experienced what He has allowed me to experience and that is;

He is

My question was, who is the government?

I have come to realize even in my own seeking and examining and questioning, all questions eventually point to one place.


Now, I would be lying to you all if I wrote here that these kinds of news do not shake me, but they do, however knowing what I know and having experienced what I have. I know that even when all things seem out of control! God is in control


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