One of Those Days

The universe is always teaching you something, it can be through a person, in your circumstances, your personality or your nature. It is always trying to illuminate that which is not conscious or visible in your life; more often than not your weaknesses.

Whatever it is, keeps you in the dark or in chains. You may be in a place or experiencing circumstances that compel you finally demand you to identify the root cause; most times you may despise this place and try to fight it but remember;

You will always have trouble with it if you keep ignoring the beacons or allowing it to overpower you.

Just ask yourself lightly and firmly

What is this devil?

And once you are able to see, recognize and know the root cause of the thing keeping you bound you can start healing forthwith, accepting and embracing what was and what is to come, now enlightened and conscious.

Remember the answers you seek are always found firstly within.

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