Psalms 51:10

I thought that being in Christ meant that I will automatically have no strife, that I will not be tested & tried and that life would be smooth sailing, now I understand the statement “new levels, brings new devils.” When I have strife these days, I tend to push it away and say, “that’s not who I am anymore.” Well, this is true but not entirely, there are times we push things away and they end up resurfacing elsewhere then we wonder why we have so much disconnect in our believing and in our faith.

I do have many things I would not like to admit to myself that I struggle with but I too, am learning that if I am not honest with myself and keep masking my struggles in front of God, then I cannot be honest with someone else. Facing yourself is not easy because you realize, you too, have toxic behaviors and attitudes. Today morning, my sister revealed something about me that I would normally have slithered myself out of by an excuse and I sat down with myself and had a discussion with the Holy Spirit about it because, normally when I have strife in my heart, I try to mask it, I do not focus, my concentration level is low and I am irritable, I have that ‘ Don’t nobody try me today’ attitude.

Lord, help us to see the logs in our own eyes before we start pointing at the specks in other people’s eyes. There was a time I was listening to my favorite pastor, he said something like, “when you as a child of God are facing so many obstacles and dealing with a lot of difficulty, you are mostly likely in the will of God, the accuser of brethren will try to steal your joy at all turns, therefore, this is not a time to be discouraged but to raise your voice and sing praises and say, I will walk through any deep waters because I know The Greatest is on my side.” (Hair flip)

Foreal though, God is awesome.

Psalms 51:10 “Create in me a clean heart, O God and renew a right spirit within me.”(KJV)


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