I have things in my heart that are soft, things that are hard too.

Someone once asked me why gypsy? Who is a gypsy? From a young age I always liked antique collectibles, odd stones, crystal things, broken pieces, long colored skirts, free hair, colored everything. I was attracted to freedom.


Maybe because of the hard things in my heart. I found beauty in rare forms, broken glass and the inside outs, upside downs


I write because it’s the only place I discovered that I can truly be myself without sensorship and judgement. Where I do not have to try to explain or express myself for people to understand who I am and why I feel the way I do. I can just be broken and it’s okay.

Writing has healed me in so many ways and in so many things. When I am in a situation where I feel like I can’t breathe or think clearly I grab a hold of a paper and pen and start writing asking questions, probing, examining, testing.

I believe writing brought me to Jesus.

What is your most priced possession? That which you would go back for, in case of a fire?

My journals

Writing for me is a high that I cannot explain, it takes me places, it pushes me out of places, it demands me to ask and ask and ask. It demands me to seek the why’s, the how’s, the where’s and the when’s.

That’s is why


A gypsy is a wanderer, a free spirit, going against the currents, wants to inherit her own mind, challenges why people conform, settle, stretches potential, has healing properties, she loves art and magic.

Jesus was not a magician but He performed miracles, He was a healer, He was not a conformist, He questioned and He challenged authority. He went against the current, He was raw and rare. He was true and He also had an abundance of love.

I was attracted to that

Who am I?

I am a young lady with an old soul.

I feel the universe talking to me most of the times. This is so mysteriously mind blowing and these are the things you do not go around telling people lest they think you are crazy.

That is why

Pen and paper

God created us all different.

It’s so fascinating how things come together, people are brought together by time and karma.

The earth is fresh.

It’s an arena of discovery and beauty, it’s raw and untamed and just bare. It’s nature is God boasting.



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