I believe one of the most amazing things about prayer is knowing that I can ask anything from God and wait expectantly for my prayer to be answered.

At the beginning of my personal walk with God I used to expect a specific result for my prayer but with time, I have learnt that God answers our prayers according to His will for us. We may have many requests but God is the one with the grand plan. It is becoming easier to say my prayer according to His will as it reduces my anxieties and expectations for a specific result as I wait for Him to work His plan for my life.

I might think that what I want is best for me but He has something better in store for me, remembering that His ways are higher than my ways and His thoughts are not my thoughts so I trust Him in all my circumstances and believe that He knows all my heart’s desires.

Learning to listen to God has been an uphill task for me because of my wild heart which I have given to God to instruct and teach obedience. God speaks to us everyday and He is not limited to one channel, He will always find a way to get to us. If He used a burning bush to get to Moses, He will get to us too in any way.

I love this song that says there is no mountain He won’t climb up, wall He won’t kick down coming after me. (Reckless Love by Cory Asbury)


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