Relinquish Control

Happy Sunday!

So, I wanted to write something yesterday but I was on the move I barely got time to sit down and draft even a line but when I did, I was so drained that getting the words was a struggle. Knowing myself, as soon as I start writing, I open up like a river and words just start flowing.

I had a lengthy discussion with my sister today generally about understanding God and we came to a point where we were even raising our voices so that our opinions could be accepted as truth. But at the end of it all, I realized that we were both wrong.

We can’t understand God, He is the one who gives us understanding.

She had her very strong views and I had my very strong views and writing this now makes me realize that there is no way to understand how God operates. Basically, we spent a lot of time trying to do something impossible but also learnt from it and from one another.

Let me tell you guys something; this is in regards to yesterday’s ‘post’ that I was not able to write.

I am really struggling with allowing God all the control over my life. I know maybe some of you are like but you are always telling us to have faith and leave it to God.”

Yes I am, but I think the reason why I say that a lot is because most times I believe I am ministering to myself more than I am to my readers.

Remember I once told you that I am not a fan of suspense and mystery especially when I really don’t know the ending? I read a question recently that made me laugh my lungs out because this was actually meant for me.

The truth is, I am afraid when I am not in control of a situation or I do not have control over the events that unfold in my life or the lives of those that I love.

So I asked God yesterday, “You have allowed me to know you, to experience you, to have an encounter with Jesus; how can I make all those I love and who don’t have what I carry inside of me see what I have seen?”

He said,

By moving on with your life, by going to learn and receive knowledge that you don’t have, by taking bold steps of faith. Do not be paralyzed in this moment because your miracle has not come to pass, do not worry about them, I will get to them.

Do not worry about their faults, their behavior, their actions, the way the treat you, receive you or even about their healing.

Focus on you, I will deal with them.

Trust in my timing, that is why I need you to start moving.

I was like! Hmmmm! Okay… What!?

That was too heavy a task and a lot for me! Knowing my heart, I am always trying to solve a mystery, get down to the root cause of why situations are the way they are.

But God was saying,

I have given you a gift of examining and probing and seeking the truth but I need you to leave the mysteries to me.

You do good! And obey Me!

So this is where I am.

Interesting relationship right? But it’s the most fulfilling and safe assurance I have ever had. I’m not saying people are not safe, but God’s safety transcends time and space; even though people change, times change and everything dies.

He is!


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July 24, 2019