Soul Food

What is the first thing you invite into your mind and heart in the morning?

Facebook? Instagram? Yesterday’s quarrels or failures? Lustful thoughts? Today’s worries? Gossip?

Whatever it is, let me tell you the truth, it becomes what dictates your whole day and ultimately your whole life. The eyes and the heart are one of the most powerful tools to living either a sin controlled life or a spirit controlled life.

I could whip out scriptures that talk about what you let into your heart, but I said that I want to make my messages more about real life, looking into what really contributes to living an unfulfilled life, a life of purpose and allowing God to take control of every aspect of our lives. I love listening to Pastor Michael Todd; one time he said something that has stayed with me for the longest time, “God does not bless or heal who you pretend to be.”

And this is true, if you can’t be real with God, that means you are not real with yourself and you can never be honest with the people around you.

When the alarm wakes you up every morning and your eyes are so tired and all you want is just some more sleep, what motivates you to get up? Your job? your kids? money? fame? fear of failure?


Well, these are not bad but they will never give you a fulfilling life or bring you to the thrill and excitement of your life’s purpose. These things in as much as they are important will drain all the strength within you and this is what happens when you are using your own strength to go through life,

>you get stressed

>you get irritable

>you think everyone is always taking, taking, taking, taking away from you and you never get back

>you always feel unappreciated

>you start complaining

>you are always blaming life for being unfair and others for things going wrong

I could go on….

Here is what most people do not realize; we actually do not have to struggle to live our lives, most of what wears us out or we term as stress, we put on our own selves because note this,

All that burden belongs to God, it is not ours to carry, He says, “come to me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

But we keep on carrying struggles, burdens, weights and crosses that do not belong to us and before we know it we already have grand children and we still feel a void in our hearts because our hearts never truly beat for its purpose.

Early in the morning, the first thing I do and just to emphasize, (this was not something I used to do, I started doing this everyday until it became a habit), I give thanks to God for the morning dedicate the whole day to Him, so my prayer goes something like,

“Lord, I thank you yet for another morning, bless those I love. I know that I will come across all sorts of temptations and situations that would otherwise make me compromise, remind me to stand firm and to put on your full armor for this war, for the sake of those you have called me to serve and your purpose for me. I claim all you declared about me and have put on my path. Let’s do this! “

I am telling you, my eyes are usually so drowsy and I am always wondering if I can even make it out of bed for another day.

I seek God to direct my paths, my speech, my actions and my work and I do my best according to my human capability, leaving Him to take care of the rest because that’s His job. You see in the past I had been doing this all wrong, I was doing His job & mine at the same time and failing terribly at all I tried, but you remember the secret I once told you about?

Taste and see?

I gave that a go and some of you will believe and others will doubt, but I didn’t just see I marvelled!

I let go of the rest of my baggage so fast you would have thought I was being paid to give it away (belly laugh)

You deal with that Lord! I have been carrying so much for so long and I hadn’t come to the realization that you had already sent your son to carry them for me.

So ask yourself, what do you feed your soul every morning, what captures and controls your soul? What is dictating your whole life? You might be thinking you are still young and have time to figure things out, but remember, the life you live now is a generational legacy, you are also marking and shaping in a big way your children and children’s destiny.


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