The Journey to Purpose

There are days we wake up feeling like giving up. Personally, there are days I have woken up and I was done with life for real, like I wanted to quit my job, quit service, be left alone, sleep in forever, done! done! done! Those days you wake up feeling so opposed by everyone and everything around you and start wondering, “What in the name of earthly madness is going on?”

I even find myself trying to talk myself out of the will of God and this is a result of familiarizing too much with Him I forget that He may be my best friend but He is still my creator, the Mighty God of the universe.

At times I feel so close to God and mistake our relationship for ‘buddies’, I assume because He is my Father and He is sovereign and He will fix whatever mess I end up creating anyway. But putting God in a situation where He has to come to our aid out of our own foolish choices and whims makes it difficult to hear His daily instruction and direction of our life clearly, it prolongs and hardens the process for Him to complete the work He started in us, it blocks the blessings He has for us because we engage in works of the flesh and eventually end up in strife which robs our peace and joy. I hope you are seeing how the road to stress begins.

I think one of the stories that has really come to be a motivation for me is the persecution of Jesus. Being lent season, the catholic church takes up the journey of the way of the cross. This journey walks me through the details of what Jesus must have gone through, being humiliated, rejected, mocked, beaten, shamed, abused, teased & spat on and here is the funny thing, there must have been some people in that crowd who he fed, with the five loaves and two fish.

This journey reminds me that Jesus fell multiple times and still got up because God’s will superceeded His will, a will that needed to be done for my sake and all of humanity.

I don’t think we get up feeling encouraged everyday. Previously, I would have gotten up and said, “Well I guess this is just not my day” and I would have had six out of seven days similar to that one with the same attitude.

It doesn’t matter whether hell is raining it’s fury on my life, my life has been bought for a price and I will live it very expensively, so everyday is my day, whether or not I feel like it, I choose to feel it anyway. I know that God has told me His grace is sufficient for me so I will run with this everyday.


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