The Weekend Escapade

Hello friends!

I trust you have all been doing great. I have not written here for a while, the truth is I am questioning, interrogating my path and allowing my journey to flow, letting things come and go, embracing and learning. This is not easy because as a writer, having writer’s block is almost like missing meals. Writer’s thrive through pens, papers, ink, keyboards and quiet places. I do not know about other writers but being an introvert and a highly sensitive person, I get my release through writing and being with nature.

Talking about nature, this past weekend my siblings and I went to visit our grand mother just to spend time with her and the whole trip turned out to be extremely amazing and healing, we bonded as a family, sang loudly in the car, laughed a lot, we went to greet our uncle a few meters from our grandmother’s house and it started raining, we ran back home in the rain, the whole experience was just hilarious, we laughed at one another and realized we have a marathon runner in our house on the low.

Yes, that’s him

We helped out with chores, though we wanted to do more exploration and walks but we got inhibited because of the rain. We stayed there for a day and if I could describe the day with a word, truly I would search the whole dictionary and lack the word. There is nothing more powerful than love, I am coming to understand this everyday. Love heals, love is like a phoenix, it never dies, even when the situation seems messy, love has the ability to restore all things and make them all beautiful.

My cucu told us, (in kikuyu) “in this life, all we have is love, people die and leave everything that they have worked so hard to build, to buy, to acquire, they never carry them where they go. So love one another, respect one another, the time you have is so precious, we should never be too busy that we forget to check up on each other”

I am not an open book but I am a really deep person, I do not like to do anything or undertake projects half measure. I appreciated those words because I was in a space of giving up, I felt totally drained of all my inspiration, only to get it from her. It is love, it has always been love, it has always been about love from the very beginning. Love without bounds. Just love.

We later went to visit the Thomson falls and I think this just completed it for me. I was left speechless, stunned and truly in awe of God. I asked, “how can anybody come across such magnificence and beauty and say there is no God?” Every single creature, all creation is God boasting that HE IS.

Watching that waterfall, was awakening and indescribable, almost as though there were little people inside of me just trying to come out and run wild. I have tried describing this feeling before and I do not think that I will ever truly get it for people to understand. I remember telling somebody, this feeling is like knocking your toe on a chair accidentally, that feeling you get, that pain; only you can feel it, even if you try to describe it to somebody else, they will never understand it. Nature talks to me, she calls me, she is my friend, we have many conversations—not speaking figuratively.

This was our journey to the most magnificent waterfall I have laid my eyes on. I remember just before I caught it with my eye, I was talking to one of my siblings and in that moment I just went silent, the words disappeared, I could not speak. Truly I was left speechless.

So, here I am again with the only way I try to convey such experiences in writing.

Enjoy the photos.

Interesting, they would be named after a Scottish. Do you not think so too?
The waterfalls from a pinnacle view
A journey down the falls. At some point my legs got shaky
Going down to the falls
And down we went
Natural placement rocks
First view on the ground
There she is
Inhale nature
Finally in the wild, my dreams are now accomplished.
Thomson falls
God’s Majesty


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