Walking With The Holy Spirit

If there is a fruit of the Holy Spirit that has been one of my greatest helpers, is self control. The power that is in practicing this discipline has been so far the most visible in all my assignments.

When we start working with the Holy Spirit on some of the weaknesses and vices in our lives, we begin to see the many things we allowed in our spirit that did not help us grow and are actually a hindrance to who God has called us to become.

I think we unconsciously learn some bad habits from our teachers, parents and society in our younger years which take us more years to unlearn. Yesterday, somebody mentioned to me that I am changing and I almost went into a panic, defending myself and giving justifactions as to why that was not true. Just then, the Holy Spirit showed me that it was true, I am changing, which is not a bad thing; where I was more rigid, I am now relaxing, where I was relaxed I am now head strong and the Holy Spirit revealed to me that the beautiful process I am undergoing is called learning the spirit of discernment.

I know some of you are probably wondering how I hold discussions with the Holy Spirit. I do, He literally prompts me to say the conflicts I have. I can be walking and all of a sudden you hear me whisper: judgement, procrastination, mistrust, strife, anger, dissatisfaction, inpatience out loud.

The Holy Spirit is my friend, my closest friend, this actually means that love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control walk with me every where I go, they teach, guide and convict me. Peace can all of a sudden say, “there is something wrong, I am no longer present” and I have to look deeply within myself and figure out what has gone wrong. This whole journey is not easy but it is exciting because I am learning like never before, growing and becoming into God’s wonderful creation.


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