Birthday gift

A Year Older!


Being a very conservative person, I had figured I’d just enjoy the day low-key and eat some melons or something.

But I had such an amazing day, I couldn’t let this day just pass by without having imprinted it on my life’s journey—on my blog. 🙂

I stepped out in faith today and visited a new church which I had been praying about since it had been a while since I went to church physically, (having fellowship with people).

I was a bit hesitant at first to be honest, because there are many churches these days that are downright scary! And being raised Catholic, I was so used to the quiet meditative environment, so it had been quite a task trying to find a church that would fit my personality perfectly.

I had also been asking the LORD to guide me since it’s something I had been desiring to be a part of, that is, (a church community).

And He did 🙂 in the most amazing way, which is a story for another day.

On my way to find the church, I got lost, started to get anxious and almost gave up. PS, I had only searched for the church for about 15 minutes (😂 there goes the patience level I had for the day).

But to be honest, I was secretly hoping I wouldn’t find it because I was afraid I would be disappointed as I had previously been.

And to cut the long story short, I did find the church and I remember thinking— “Thank God I didn’t turn away.” The people there were really friendly and I heartily felt at home.

Then afterwards,

Was the remaining birthday day:)

And I had a blast for lack of a better word. I also got wishes left right and center from my family and friends. And I was truly humbled.

But what made me really joyful was the thought, “How amazing!! I have seen yet another year by the Amazing Grace of God” considering there was a time I worried sick day and night of death due to sickness. My whole presence and aura was always filled with gloominess, darkness, despair and loneliness.

Yet here I was full of love and light. Because,

Jesus did it!

I also got this gift from an amazing friend of mine…

Birthday gift

and I remember just thinking, “If there is something I borrow from Esther’s story, it is the phrase: if I perish I perish.”

Most times when I make some bold or seemingly ridiculous decisions in life, I am scared out if my wits! Because I know I am just setting myself up to fail. But then I think again!

“Hey now! 

I am not stepping out with my own confidence or strength! Actually, I am stepping out in weakness. And I am relying not on myself but on the power of God, my Father 🙂  So just like Esther, it is always my confident hope, that not only will I find Him on the other side of the bridge when I am crossing deep waters, but He will be with me in them and through them.”

I also got another gift! (Today is gift revealing day)

Agnes diary

But this was not brought about by my birthday, it was  from special friends I got along the way of life. Since it was just before my birthday, I’ll just have it here as well, when I am turning 90 very soon 😂  I will always remember.

I am so humbled, and just in awe of God 🙂

Soooooooo! (Yeeees, this is how I write when I am not trying to be official lol)

An Year Older! And I am so grateful to God and thankful to Him for this far He has brought Me.

What more can a girl say?

Thank you Father!

For Thou art God!

And Thou shalt not let my foot be moved, for in Thee have I found true rest and peace.

Oh! And if you’ve seen any typos just ignore! I have written this piece real fast 🙂



November 8, 2020 at 9:44 pm

HAPPY belated birthday Shiko!!… Glad you found a church you are blessed by. May GOD our FATHER continue to lead and guide your steps…

November 9, 2020 at 2:53 am

Thank you for the wishes Jeff.

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