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Have you ever wondered why the letters and espistles in the Bible always start with greetings, salutations and introductions? In the past I used to skip those parts because they sounded ordinary and to be honest boring–like why would they keep telling us who they are and we already know? — But there are many things I understand now that I did not understand before.

It is not like these men and women did not have other professions. Luke was a physician, Paul, Aquila and Priscilla were tentmakers, James and John were fishermen, Matthew was a tax collector and many others. But whenever, they got the chance to address people through writing or speaking. They said, “I, Peter, Paul, James, an apostle of Christ by the will of God.” This blew my mind right off! Their first title was who they were in Christ.

So therefore, blessed day to all! I greet you all with utmost love and affection. I am excited for the day and week because I am blessed and I am full of energy.

I,  Agnes an apostle of Christ, a writer and a healer by the will of God.
I, Agnes an apostle of Christ, a writer and a healer by the will of God.

The reason I am here today is to question destinies. What is your true purpose on earth? What are you asking, trusting and believing God for? Is what you are asking God for what you truly desire, or are you trying to escape from something? Maybe discomfort, pain, fear? What is your true heart’s motive? And most importantly what are your true hearts desires?

I pray that the Holy Spirit grant me the wisdom to write this article with utmost truth, that people’s eyes may be open and see the true face of the love of God in their lives.

God desires that every man live a life of purpose and prosperity, in fact He has already declared that we are kings and priests unto God through Jesus and we shall reign on earth.

So why do most of us live fearful, confused and on the fence lives?

Firstly, let us break down what it means to be kings and priests in laymans understanding:

  • King – one whose position is hereditary and who rules for life(merriam webster dictionary)
  • Priests
Definition of a priest

These are meanings in laymans understanding. However, there are deeper meaning of these words in God’s kingdom. The reason I wanted to highlight these meanings is so that all of us recognize that even here on earth, a king or a priest is not just any other ordinary man but by virtue of law, authority, hierchacy, power and for kings to the extent of royalty they are set apart.

So now imagine for a while you are a king, can you imagine it already? Your subjects, your palace, your military and even the authority? Great we are here…

Depiction of King Solomon and Queen Sheba
Depiction of King Solomon and Queen Sheba

I believe that most of us Christians do not understand who we are truly in Christ. If we truly truly truly truly did we would read this verse in awe and trembling reverence– And we shall reign on earth.

Reign – to rule a country, a nation, to have power and control. To have influence, leadership, authority.

This means God has already given us all these things freely. We are already kings and priests that is why we can go before Him and ask anything of Him.

The reason I had to first expound who kings and priests are is so that we would understand that kings rarely ask for some things because they already have them. In the kingdom of God there are things we already have freely– healing, authority to cast down strongholds, cast out principalities, we have peace, the Holy Spirit, all in the name of Jesus. So now what do kings ask for? Expanded territories! Wider influence, conquer more kingdoms.

See this verse! Imagine He is telling you

Imagine! Imagine! Imagine! If you read this verse and do not see the immensity of those words, ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes that you may see.

Psalms 119: 18 “Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.”

I pray this prayer myself because the earthly world has had such influence on me for the longest time that unbelief at times gets a hold of me. Many days I need Him to open my eyes to see differently– The length, the breadth, the height and the depth of His Kingdom. Open my eyes that I may see Lord, my inheritance in your kingdom!

Now, He is a God of relationship as well and He desires we are obedient to Him, what man do you know became king without being subject to another? Doesn’t a king go through training? Isn’t a king a servant before he is a master? Isn’t a king required to understand the affairs of the kingdom? This process is important for a king or a priest to take up his responsibilities as a servant to his people, not a ruler, but depiction of truth and wisdom. But such also is not for the undecided, those staggering in between the world and God.

Isaiah 1:19 “If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best from the land”

This means obedience is key. You learn to obey your teacher, your master and take his instructions to heart. To walk in the way he leads you, to dialogue with him and ask him for advise and counsel. Does this nullify your inheritance even as you are in training? No. You are still a king and a priest.

So that when the time arises for you to take up the responsbilities, you shall be properly trained, a workman that needeth not be shaken, ashamed, moved in handling truth and matters of the kingdom. That is why obedience is very important for this inheritance; that when you ask the Lord of your hearts desires He shall grant them.

Psalms 37:3-5

My purpose on earth is to plunge men and women into their bold and fierce destinies, by rooting out what is really deep in their hearts and helping them run towards it. It is to be light and to shine forth God’s love and to point men to the King of glory! Christ. That men may understand their rightful inheritance and partake the good of the land.

Ask the Lord for knowledge and wisdom, for understanding and training. Ask the Lord for bold things. Material possessions are okay, but influence! That is now bold! My goodness, influence to impact His kingdom, to make a difference, to share love, to make Him known, for expanded territories. This for me is bold, audacious and my portion!

I pray that you may all receive God’s love and grace that is inexhaustible, true and never fails. That you may understand who you are in the kingdom of God. In JESUS name!

May you all have a blessed week ahead.


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