Enter Into God’s Rest

Hello Friends!

I have had an amazing week, actually a wonderful and blessed week. I have been meditating and gathering thoughts to write about a chapter in the Bible that God has been speaking to me about this week.

Entering the rest of God.

What does it mean to enter into the rest of God? Allow me to break this down– The Old Testament was a covenant of works, works, works, works, works, works, works, works, works, works works, works… Okay, I think I have I emphasized that enough but I want people to understand that their covenant was very tedious because they were always presenting grain offerings, burnt offerings, peace offerings, purification offerings, guilt offerings for reparation of sins.

Please refer Leviticus 16, Exodus 28

I mean these guys really had it hard. Can you imagine for all the sins you commit, you are always presenting offerings… So everyday you sin you have to present above in bold offerings depending on what type of sin you commit. Man! I thank God I was born after death of Christ.

In fact I was telling a good friend of mine yesterday, David must have longed to be in our time. He said…

Now we are in a new covenant, the covenant where our sins are already forgiven. Where we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

That is why the death of Jesus is the finished work of cross.

He said, “It is finished!”

There are times I am surprised at how people dismiss the message of salvation. One time, God reminded me that I once also dismissed Him severally. So He started teaching me grace; that now, everyday I wake up, I live for Christ— and my hope is that my light shines so bright that it attracts the whole world to Jesus.

To enter into the rest of God is simple, but to stay into that rest is a bit of a task because there are always things coming up, maybe bad reports, medical reports that are weighing down our spirit, debts, death, accidents, child abuse, like now with the corona virus that is alarming the world and the like…

Oh and PS! Corona is Spanish for Crown. Interesting right? This got me thinking yesterday and I was meditating on the symbolism of it all. The words Jesus is King came immediately into my spirit. That means, Christ is the only one with a CROWN and nothing, nobody, no disease can ever dethrone Him! What a blessing that is indeed! That we have the greatest on our side. I mean the word of God says, greater is He who is inside of you than He who is in the world 1John 4:4

I raise a HALLELUJAH right here for just that!

So this means staying in God’s rest is our own personal responsibility. Yes, we should stay informed on what is going on around in the world but we should be the gate keepers of our hearts. The proverbs tell us to guard our hearts with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life.

That means we have to be deliberate on what we allow in our spirit, we have to meditate on the things that are of good report remembering the fact that greatest is inside of us. I have come to love one Bible verse so much because it reminds me everyday of my personal responsibility to guard my heart

Note: Make every effort

These have been one of the most powerful verses for me on my spiritual journey with Jesus because when I feel as though I am about to be plunged into a crisis, they remind me two important things:

—I must make every effort to enter into God’s rest.

—God’s word is able to penetrate even through bones, flesh, spirit and soul…so even sickness and disease!

How powerful is that? This means we can always stay at rest no matter what is surrounding us as we work to be lights, to encourage others and support them where we can, how we can and with what we can— most especially our prayers.

Nobody lights a lamp and puts it under a bushel. Let your lights shine so that people may see your good works and give glory to your Father which is in heaven.

I wish you all a blessed weekend, may we stay clean and may the love our Lord Jesus Christ lead us, guide us, protect us, cover us and light our hearts. May we make every effort to enter into God’s rest and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard our hearts and mind in Christ Jesus forever.

In Jesus Name! Amen


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