Fear Not, Only Believe

April! What a blessing to see the fourth month of this year. Truly, I am thankful to God for His wonderful grace.

Thousands of lives have been lost since the pandemic of Corona Virus hit the world. It is truly heart breaking because these are not just numbers but friends, brothers, sisters, mothers, sons, daughters fathers, grandparents—all people’s loved ones and they all they matter.

I always strive to see the good in all things and I believe the reason why such a time is important is because more than ever we need unity, solidarity, to speak with one voice and in agreement not only to defeat a common enemy but to build bridges of love and togetherness. I commend and salute all the people who are at the front-line physically during this battle.

Romans 8-28

I also believe that, even more than we need health care workers, volunteers, donations, sharing and giving, hand sanitizers, protective gear and all provisions— we need prayer. We cannot win any battle out of our own strength. I believe each and every person on earth has a belief system, acknowledging truly there is a creator of the universe; of you and me, the one who is eternal and controls all time and being.

As I have come to gain understanding over many matters with time, I realize as well that all earthly battles are never really physical or tangible, they are all spiritual. The whole of life is spiritual.

As we send out the health team to assist during this time, they too, need all the support from us including our obedience to our governments and authority.

For me, I strive to live my life by the teachings of Jesus. I live by faith and I trust in His words—Do not let your hearts be troubled, I have overcome the world.

There is an account of Jesus raising Jairus’ daughter from the dead. When Jairus received a report, that his daughter was already dead in the midst of requesting Jesus to heal her, the people who brought the news told him, “no longer bother the master for she is dead”. Jesus overhearing them, He understood their eyes could only see as far as the physical situation, it moved His heart as well seeing this was the furthest they could perceive of the situation—and that they might too, see life in the spiritual, He raised her from the dead.

But when Jesus heard [it], He answered him, saying, Fear not: believe only, and she shall be made whole~ Luke 8:50

Believe only

What the world is experiencing at the moment is uncertainty, fear, turmoil, confusion, loss, pain, death and much grief and suffering. But Jesus has always been saying fear not, only believe and all will be made whole.

My prayer goes out to all people in the world, of all kindred, to all nations, tribes and tongues— I touch and agree that we have healing in the mighty name of Jesus. We shall not die but live to proclaim the goodness of God, for even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death — we will fear no evil. For He has already overcome the world.

Peace, love, joy and unity keep all your minds and hearts in Christ Jesus. May this month, bring about more blessings and deeper understanding of who God created us to be, that we may walk in purpose, in truth and without fear of whatever circumstances we face because greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.

Let love be the light that illuminates our hearts always.

In JESUS name!



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