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Happy Madaraka Day!

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It is mid-year and it is a blessing to actually open my eyes and just breathe in and out. I am most especially humbled that I have this opportunity to share my words on this space and do what God called me to do from the very beginning of the world.

To write.

The most beautiful and scariest thing about writing is that, you never really know where you are heading to until you get there. You cannot plan the process or the words you’ll write or think tomorrow or the next day.

Most times, writing is scary. However, it makes me jump off the ledge and as I start falling, my heart pounds furiously and finally my wings thrust forth as I struggle for a while to find my balance but just before I almost hit the ground, I begin to fly. That is why I cannot afford to jump off that ledge without God’s strength and courage.

God’s will is the most beautiful journey a man can ever make, one, because He gives you parts of the pieces so that when you are weary and you don’t feel like going on, you can look at the pieces and hold on to His promises and His word.

Genesis 15:5

Two, you are sure that He is in control of everything; this is the place you get to build trust with Him because most times, He leads you where you don’t expect to find yourself, leads you where your flesh does not desire to go but He assures you, “I am with you always, I will never leave you nor forsake you “

Carrying out my own will is easy and comfortable. I can change words to fit the message I want to send out, I can make up all sorts of excuses about not writing— but for God’s will, I cannot alter anything, just as He says it, I must say it, do it, live it and write it; whether it be pleasing to many or not, I must not and cannot abase it. I cannot follow my own fleshly desires to please others, stay passive or lazy, I would be going against all God wants to achieve through me. Hence, my spirit is always in an unending battle, it is a warrior, a knight, because it has to fight to make the choices that are of God’s will and it is not easy. For this, I always need Him to help me walk this journey, even if I have to take long breaks from writing.

In short, that was the month of May for me, wrestling against His will and asking Him for strength. It was a beautifully challenging month, mostly because I went back to my nest and sat in it for long hours to think, question, research and mostly ask God for guidance.

There was a time I remember, I desired to write so many things pertaining to my interests as well as contemporary issues in the society, which I still do even up to now; but even before I begin writing, I end up with the solution –


So why not just write about the solution instead of the problem anyway?

Yes, I still see the headlines, the economics, the social injustices, the world news but I prefer to lift up the solution. Oh! If we only but knew, if we only but understood that after all things are said and done, all man’s work is finished or unfinished, the Prince of Peace will wield the sword that extinguishes all earthly things, knowledge, wisdom, power and make them all nought and uplift the new and perfect order according to His word.

So, I’ll just rest on His side and let go of the striving, the competition, the rush, the crazy obsession in the world to become this or that and follow Him. This is the greatest honor in all my life, to be a follower of Christ.

“Tell us something else, talk to us about economics or mathematics, tell us about what you think about the country’s politics”— reason some.

How can I speak of anything else? When I have found the perfect thing? The cure to the first problem ever to fall upon the world? God has called and chosen me for this purpose, and for this purpose only I now live.

I do hope your May was blessed and lovely. Hope to catch you as well for my many subsequent articles. 🙂


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