Let’s Do This Already!

Hello Friends,

I almost forgot what it feels like to write here. Oooh wait! Just kidding.

I really missed writing, I mean at times I wonder how other people survive without writing their thoughts down but I also understand we are all gifted in different ways.

I am PUMPED for the year!

This year, I am giving God all I have; mind, body, thoughts, heart, spirit, soul, gifts, talents, time, money…


I will need His grace and strength and that, I know He can and He is able to give.

The reason I decided to always begin my writing on the 4th of February every year is because I would like to commemorate this day, as the day I decided in 2019 to actively start blogging and never looked back. The day I decided to test my potential only to find God’s supernatural ability waiting for me on this leap of faith side.

I can’t wait to share with you all the amazing things He is doing and working on in my life this year and I also can’t wait to get your feedback and interact with you too in your places of calling and different journeys.

This blog is powered by Christ Jesus.


Let’s get to it already!

Highly Favored



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