John 10:27-28 My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand.

My Sheep Hear My Voice

Yes, another post about Jesus because, I am an ambassador of Christ.

So today morning I got up and I was honestly weak in the spirit, I was not in the ‘church mood’… okay, lemee rephrase that, it’s not like I am always in a church mood, but today was different. For the first time, it was not my body trying to convince me how tired we are and we should just stay in bed of which most times I thank God because I end up saying, “no way devil! Not today, we are getting up because we KNOW WHO GOD IS AND HAS BEEN IN MY LIFE.”

Today, I was weak in the spirit, I woke up and lay with my face up on my bed and decided not to go. Then I thought of God’s love and I whispered, “God speak to me, I need you to guide me and do not reproach me because of this feeling.” I legit at times think that most people do not believe what I write here. But that’s okay, I don’t blame them, I am not even writing that other people believe me, but that the glory of GOD may be shone through me.

GOD SPOKE TO ME SO POWERFULLY! I am telling you the way I got up out of that bed 😂 like a spring.

He spoke to me so gently and lovingly, I felt like I could cry when I read those words. I opened a Bible verse randomly and He talked to me about many things including honoring the Sabbath day. What moved my heart so deeply is that He told me, “I need you to get up not only for honoring Me, but for the sake of another child who I am calling and needs Me. The gift of salvation is not only for you, but for others as well.”

My heart melted at those words.

I love the LORD, that is without question and I desire to do His will.

I remember just this week, I asked the LORD, “there are many things you desire me to do, but I would like you to give me just few words that will cover every aspect of my life: money, home, school, work, singlehood, friendship, marriage, courtship etc…” and He said:


At times, I wonder why I get so shocked when God speaks to me; in fact, today I questioned the same thing while I was journaling, but I believe it’s a great thing actually; that when God speaks to me, I still get excited and truly humbled. Now, here’s the thing, He speaks to me every single day – to emphasize – He speaks to me severally in just a day. What it is, is, I have learnt to hear His voice more clearly with time by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

God speaks to us everyday, every single hour and minute, but most of us, we do not hear Him because we are busy being led by our emotions and feelings.

I truly love who I have grown to be in Christ, I can say truly and boldly, I am a maturing as a Christian — not that I know everything, but that I am learning everyday to listen and hearken His voice without much complaining, grumbling, murmuring and over-thinking.

I have let my desire for Jesus be true and vulnerable. I have stepped out in public for His namesake, something I would not do even to save my own life – but for His sake, I feel like I would do anything.

That I have received the gift of God freely and be silent about it, is something my inner being cannot allow: the gift of eternal life, of healing, of identity in Him – simply amazing and something to publish about.

The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. Psalms 68:11

I do not write out of my own will, or the desire to be seen to be wise. I write because I have heard the Son of God call my name and say, “I choose you, yes you, make Me known to men, that many may know Me.”

I write so that all the earth may acknowledge the God of Israel.

If it were my choosing, I would literally run away from all this, but because what I carry inside is bigger than me; what I have seen and heard is greater than me, I lay down my whole life for His namesake.

May my words lead both men and women: small or great – to the truth who is Christ Jesus; in whom I have received healing and salvation, joy and peace, grace and love, forgiveness and mercy and true worship in Truth and Spirit.



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