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First and foremost, I would like to send out hearty greetings to all the world; trusting we are all doing well despite the circumstances. Praying for anybody who needs strength, hope, comfort and peace and most importantly somebody who needs Jesus and doesn’t even know it.

It has been a bit of a while since I wrote on my blog and I mean really write, not just one two posts but spending time here. However, I am so grateful to God for so much, most especially because something really amazing happened yesterday.

When I changed my domain last year around April, I was excited to get this show started, I had so many ideas about what I would do with my blog, I couldn’t wait to have the whole plan rolled out. I was literally bursting with excitement only to my surprise. Things did not turn out as I had expected. I went dark for a whole year; meaning I was unable to connect to my WordPress readers and install the WordPress jetpack on my blog. Everytime I tried to connect I kept getting this error and I remember feeling like crying for real. (yes this is how much I love writing)

error message
Error message

So yesterday a miracle happened! This got resolved somehow. I don’t know how to explain it, as though the door just flung open after so much pushing and almost giving up. I was so thrilled, I could hardly get anything else done other than marvel at my old WordPress tools. It felt like I had just been handed a pack of an old goodies box, I literally stayed up late in the night checking, rechecking, activating, installing, deactivating, basically taking my jetpack for a ride.

So yes, I am glad, grateful and super happy. The more I think about it, the more I now see God’s hand in all this. I couldn’t understand for the life of me why just after I decided to dedicate my blog to spread the good news about Jesus, I lost all my WordPress jetpack settings and even so my followers. I was really devastated, I mean one month went by, two, four, six, a year! 😟

Though I tried to get back my WordPress jet pack settings back in almost all ways, I tried contacting WordPress and even the web hosting experts but it was all in vain. At some point, I gave up and kept writing just as though nothing was missing, I remember thinking, “you know what, I don’t care whether or not I don’t have followers, comments or likes, I know God has called me to do this and I will write even if nobody ever reads or comments.”

It makes sense now. I needed to lose all that so that I could establish writing for Christ in a dark space, alone, without the eyes of men or even the need to gain a following. In a way, God shut down my will and elevated His. The question now was, was I really up for it, could I endure writing with no followers? I was not sure. At some point, I felt I needed people to comment and engage with, it was so devastating I almost deleted my blog to start again on WordPress, this time without changing domains. But the truth is, I was most likely looking for validation and God wanted and needed to deal with that.

I would have gloried in the likes, the comments, the following and pushed God into the shadows and most likely gone about my own way doing my own things. I believe God purposed it this way. I believe He wanted to build my confidence in that dark space as well, to allow me to grow, to make mistakes and make peace with the mistakes. He allowed it to be so, so that He would lead me by Himself, and He did grow my patience and ease my perfectionism anxieties.

I mean, I can write an article now and notice some errors after I have published and not beat myself up about it. Previously, I would have aimed for perfection and reproached myself for making errors. Now I am just chilled and graced. All glory to God.

I am over the moon because my baby is back! Yaaaaaaas! and this is my first post flying with WordPress Jetpack, so friends, feel free now to share, comment like and subscribe to my posts as I work on getting the newsletters directly to your email. 🙂

Stay blessed!


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