The Cost of Sin and Evil

Why is there evil in the world?

Why is there pain, loss, death, injustice and poverty?

Where is the Lord in all this?

Did He take a vacation?

Why doesn’t He do something about it?

Why Has He been so silent for all this time?

These are the questions we ask. We want to understand what the purpose is for all these things and though many of us love God and want to trust God, we battle with them, we try not to look ungrateful by questioning so inwardly we say “trust God”, but bitterness takes root and grows its horns by the day silently while we feed it with our reasonings and wonderings then it later manifests as complaints, grumblings and seeking sympathy.

In the past, I could tell people that God loves them and He created them for a purpose. I hesitate to speak those words now, not because He doesn’t, but because I now understand most people do not know what is the will of God for their lives; and when I spoke those words to people, I too did not know what God’s will was for my life. Many people have heard about God’s great purpose during their afflictions and have grown tired of hearing about this “greater purpose” because their afflictions seem to worsen as time goes by. A lot of people have experienced tragic losses, pain, suffering, heartbreaks, dissapointments and nasty turn outs in life. Life is like that at times, Jesus did not promise a life without its trials, but He did say that His peace would be with them that hoped in Him when they go through all of life.

Many people have posed numerous questions to God. Did you know statistics indicate that every tribe, nation and tongue believe in an existence of a ‘higher power’, a deity or a creative being. But even in these beliefs, they view ‘God’ to be this great and abstract being whom you cannot just approach without cleansing yourself or having done some ritualistic customs. I am telling you people have really deep traditionalism and there are some who would die first before someone tries challenge those beliefs.

The world does not understand how a loving God can watch as the world tears itself apart, as evil rules the earth and the wicked bribe their way out of the judicial systems.

Where is this God?

I believe truly that God is loving and just. In fact, if you study His word, you will not fail to see His love from Genesis to Revelation. God too, hates sin more than you and me. It is the one thing He will never compromise about. When Adam and Eve sinned against God in the garden, He slew an animal and used the animal skin to hide their naked nature, that is why the whole of the Old Testament and New Testament is filled with blood and sacrifice. There is no forgiveness of sins without shedding of blood. Hebrews 9:22 That is why the Old Testament people always made sacrificial offerings for their sins, but the blood of rams and goats could atone for their sin. There needed to be that acceptable sacrifice, a lamb without blemish. The lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

A legion of angels stood by to rescue the Son of God from the evil charged toward Him at the cross but none raised a finger. Hatred, malice, evil, revenge burst forth at Calvary while heaven looked down at the scene with great horror. “Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and He will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels? But how then would the Scriptures be fulfilled that say it must happen in this way?” Matthew 26:53-54

God’s purpose was fulfilled.

That is why Jesus said, “if you believe in Me, if you are careful to do what I command, you will not be condemned on the last day.”

Therefore, God did not sin, man sinned. And we are all sinners, whether, a petty thief, a child, or a murderer. Our nature is fallen.

So what of sin and evil after the sacrifice of Jesus?

We now must choose which way to go. We have to make a choice if it is life or death.

Evil must be permitted to come to maturity. For the good of the entire universe through ceaseless ages, the devil and his agents must more fully develop their principles, that his charges against the divine government might be seen in their true light by all created beings, that the justice and mercy of God and the immutability of His law might forever be placed beyond all question—White, E. G., “The Great Controversy.”

Darkness must be exposed for all to see, that is why God gave us freedom of choice, in His love and mercy, He could not force people to be obedient to Him, we had to make that choice for ourselves.

Romans 6:23

The whole of humanity gets death as wages for sin. Suppose a man rapes a lady, the court of law finds him guilty and sentences him to life in prison without parole. Even if he is sorry for his actions, he is accountable to the court of law and his sorrow will not save or release him. He has to face the consequences of his actions. So every man has the same fate of death for sin.

But Jesus paid the fine for the whole world, that those who believe in His salvation and follow His commandments may have eternal life, that we may be raised up like He was on the last day. So it is not enough to just believe, we must work out our own salvation in reverence through our faith and actions.

Even though we live in a fallen world, God is not sitting somewhere worried. He using me and you to spread the message of salvation, He is working on His children’s character and wooing those in sin to His beautiful light. If you study the book of Revelation and Daniel closely, He has already told us how the story ends and boy I can’t wait for all this suffering to end. I am currently studying Revelation and the Holy Spirit has revealed so many alarming things, I pray He will grace me and give me the insight, truth, discernment and wisdom to speak about, because they are not easy to bear especially for many christians who are living deceived.

When Jesus hang on that cross and said, “It is finished” the chains of death were loosed, and a final blow to death was made as it knelt and acknowledged that Jesus is Lord.


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