John 3:16

Whosoever Believeth

I do not know how to explain God. I do not know how to explain Christ–to explain the power of Christ. Because even if I do! You will not understand me. Why?

Because of unbelief!

For it is written,

1 Corinthians 1:18 “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

I mean how can you believe in divine healing when so many have died?

How can you believe in speaking in tongues? Isn’t that what you call madness, foolishness, exaggeration, pretension, fanatiscm, extremism?

Yes, I am healed. Yes, I speak in tongues. Yes, I have the power of Christ in me. Yes, I know you wonder why I am crazy-passionate about Jesus. Yes, I understand you! Because you do not know, believe or understand what power lies in the name of Jesus.

And no, this power is not found just in church (whichever denomination) No, it is not only for pastors, priests, givers, servers, ordained men, or men and women of the cloth.

It is for whosoever believeth!

Believeth? Do you mean to say we don’t believe? Yes! It is sad to say, we have so much unbelief in our society it is unbelievable! I would know because I know what unbelief has cost me. Ask me! I know! A girl who suffered under the oppression of gastritis and ulcerative colitis for six years. So I understand why there is unbelief in many people’s lives, moreover Christians lives.

I am not here to say, it is okay though! Because it is not; unbelief kills dreams, faith, authority, power, churches, will, the spirit, the body… And you can only extinguish unbelief by studying the word of God, rooting it into your heart and making it your daily bread.

Jesus for me is my lifestyle no question! And I am not ashamed to minister to anybody through my actions, words, writing, voice and life.

People wonder do I therefore have to do fanatic things or become so extreme to be blessed or for God to accept me?

Do not be mistaken. The power of Christ who lives in you will drive you to be bold in your own craving of Him, madness, deep desire and passion for His namesake. Because once you encounter Christ, everything else becomes void. I love how St Paul put it.

Philippians 3:8

One day I was one way and the next I was another. Not magic, not superstitious appearances, No! But constant fellowship with the spirit and word of God, unknowingly, unexpectedly but divinely, I stumbled upon the Kingdom of God–of which I am now a daughter, kinsman and of heritage.

I am healed, I am filled with the Holy Ghost. I received the kingdom of God for which I am preaching the Good News of Jesus, that those who live with fear, doubt, unbelief, anxiety, sickness, disease and many earthly strongholds may be released from darkness.

This year, I am stepping out by the will of God to bring the Gospel of Christ to the gentiles. That the multitudes may know of Jesus Christ son of the living God unto whom we receive salvation.





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