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Revisiting Old Roads

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my wonderful readers.

Well, I have no flowers to give to each one of you, but I hope that this emoji 🌺 will suffice together with just the fact that you are known, loved, and valued by a Father who would catch a grenade for you literally!

I hope that you all had a lovely week. I had wished you all a blessed week in my last post though knowing very well that I would be writing in the course of the week. However, I never managed to write because one, my laptop just crashed in the middle of the week, (still to have it checked), and two, what I thought would be a writing and reading getaway turned into a learning getaway.

This past week I visited a town that has been a wonderful part of my life’s journey. A beautiful town called Embu. I lived in Embu town for three years. The three most wonderful years of my life so far. The reason I say this is because; this is where God did a lot of work in me. He disconnected me from the world and slowly connected me to Himself. I remember moving there back in 2015, I was in such a panic because I was used to being constantly connected to the internet and a lot of mainstream media that now, I worried about being in a space where I had limited access to the internet and most importantly my friends.

But in retrospect, it is because of those three years you see this girl today. It gave me the space to think for myself, on my own, and also learn who I was without the influence of social media, family, and friends. This is something I never even thought was possible to do. I had no internet and my friends were approximately 110 kms away from me. All I had was a foreign situation, a book and a pen. And with my newly discovered cottage lifestyle, I began embracing the Buddhists teachings on meditation which led me to being a Bible reader and eventually to the true knowledge of the sacrifice on the cross by my best friend, Jesus.

Being in Embu this past week was God’s beautiful way of reminding me of the journey that we have been walking together with Him. I remember telling God with such excitement, “exactly three years ago I sat on this seat and prayed a specific prayer to You just before I left this place and You answered it.” It was just amazing walking through old roads again, being much fuller and richer now in Christ, and also very humbling seeing this girl who three years ago, was learning how to walk in faith with no teacher but the Holy Spirit.

I don’t know about each of your journey’s. And maybe one day you will get to share them with me. All I know is that my journey has been filled with the grace of God from the very go. His loving kindness and forgiveness, also His pruning which always hurts. And that is why for me, this blog became no longer a space where I could come and write deep metaphorical poetry to mask my feelings and emotions, but a space to share the amazing love and grace of God, so that somebody else may experience the same joy and fulfillment that comes with having a relationship with Jesus Christ

While there, I began reading a new book which I have fallen in love with called, Abraham, by Charles R. Swindoll and it is interesting because I had just written the post about faith and doubt.

And I am the kind of reader who can read something powerfully written and just close the book even for a week just to meditate on one word or one sentence. And I’ll share a few of the words that caught my attention and made me close the book for the remaining part of the week, keeping my mind preoccupied in meditation.

Abraham, then Abram was called by God to leave to an unknown land that God would show him….sometime later. This means He was to leave everything behind that he relied on for safety and provision– homeland and relatives– and trust that God would honor His commitment.

Genesis 12

1.Leave your native country, your relatives, your father’s family, and go to the land that I will show you. 2. I will make you into a great nation. I will bless you and make you famous, and you will be a blessing to others.3. I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. All the families of the earth will be blessed through you. 

So far, I have picked two main highlights from the book. l liked the below part, for some reason I just kept smiling and laughing to myself and I think it is mainly because I really resonated with it.

“Stop and think about that for a moment. Put yourself in Abram’s shoes. You are roughly seventy-five years old, with a wife in her mid sixties. You have lived in one place your whole life, established a homestead in a familiar city with a family and a community you have known since birth. Suddenly the Lord appears to you and tells you to pack up and hit the road for an undisclosed destination. Can you imagine Abram’s conversations with friends and neighbors?

“Oh, I see you’re packing up, Abram,”


“Really? You’re leaving town?”

“Yes, we leave in a few days.”

“You know, you’re not getting any younger. Are you ready to start all over somewhere else?”

“Yep. Sarai and I are moving.”

“Really? So, where are you going?” 

“I don’t know.”

“You’re packing up everything you have, leaving everything familiar, and you have no idea where you are headed? Have you lost your mind?”

“Yes sir! We have all lost our minds!”Okay! This part is not in the book, but in my head I was just laughing hysterically reading the whole scenario and answering to that last question.

But anyway, Charles ends this part by saying, “Everything within us recoils from making big changes without thorough planning. Most of us need to see where we’re jumping to before committing to a leap. But God called Abraham without complete information. Abraham did not know where he was going, so he couldn’t trust in a well-thought-out, long-range plan. Nevertheless, God gave Abram sufficient information to make a reasonable decision. While his neighbors probably thought he had lost his mind, Abram had good reason to trust in God, even without knowing every detail of the plan.”

And now the part that really hit home for me was after Abram left and he encountered severe problems like famine. While reading this, I thought, “hey! this is the part I addressed in my previous post ,– about the voices  that try to talk you out of God’s path by showing you the unrealistic plan of God. “Did God really say? because if He didn’t then you could be on your own out here in the dessert.”

Charles says, “like Abram, everyone has a default response when confronted with a challenge to his or her faith. It starts with self-preservation reflex. We then learn to cultivate this natural reflex into a strength. In time, we learn to respond with expert agility without even thinking. And before we know it, we have a full-blown coping mechanism that takes over, keeping us from trusting in God. For Abram, it was deception. Lying. He didn’t tell untruths to people to cheat them or to gain an unfair advantage. He fibbed to save his own skin.”

Abram failed his first test when he rushed to Egypt instead of seeking God’s counsel. Until the famine, he had talked to God, and built altars to memorialize his relationship with God. Once severe famine struck, however, we hear no more prayers; we see no more altars.

He continues to write,“In figurative language of Scripture, Egypt stands for an alliance with the world. Abraham acted simply on his own judgement. He looked at his own difficulties and became paralyzed with fear. He gasped at the first means of deliverance that suggested itself, much as a drowning man will catch a straw. And thus, without taking counsel of his heavenly Protector, Abraham went down to Egypt.”

Ah, fatal mistake! But how many make it still. They may be true children of God, and yet, in a moment of panic, they will adopt methods of delivering themselves that, to say the least, are questionable, sowing the seeds of sorrow and disaster to save themselves from some minor embarrassment….

And to end this short excerpt from the book, this was the home run for me,

How much better would it have been for Abraham to have thrown the responsibility back on God and to have said, “You brought me here, and You must now bear the whole weight of providing for me and for my family. I will stay till I clearly know what You want me to do”

And this is what has been on my mind this past week. A lot of Abraham and journeying with him through his life, understanding his story and allowing God to minister to me through it. I re-learnt so many things within a short span of time, and I also realized that human beings need a lot of reminding…might I insist…a loooot of reminding; because just like the Israelites we tend to forget that even in the famine, our God is still the one who parted the Red Sea.

I cannot recount all that I learnt and experienced because I will end up writing till late in the night; but it is safe to say, I had the best week of the year yet.

Many times, I usually feel as though I need to be doing something for God, but God reminded me that He had already done something for me. He has already done the heavy lifting, my job is to believe and keep the faith. This is beautiful because it means, by surrendering my life to Him, He is able to do all the work, make all the provisions, and lead me in His path eternal.

I returned back to Nairobi on Friday. I would have stayed longer but I had a friend of mine who was getting married and it was a beautiful union to witness.  Two becoming one in Christ 🙂


And so to conclude, I am requesting for prayers, mainly, to keep the faith:) And if any of you has any prayer request, just fill in the prayer request form on my blog and I will keep you in mine.

With much love in Christ from my end:)

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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