The God of Small Things Too

I do not know if God has ever made you smile, grin, and wonder at the same time because of something He did for you that seemed so trivial that you couldn’t believe He would even be concerned with something like that.

I have had several such instances. Writing this post now, I feel bummed that I never jotted them down so that I could share them all with you (now that I am getting around to write about this.)

But here is one of those ‘small thing moments’ that happened recently which I got to thinking about  yesterday, and thought to blog about.

It already feels trivial even before writing it down. But here goes…

So, I normally prefer to use liquid washing soap for dishes. Consumption for a month is usually a litre. I noticed around the months of May to July that the one litre was not making it a full month. Consumption was going up to three weeks only and this was upsetting me because I like to work with budgets.

In the month of August, I decided to buy the five litre dishwashing liquid soap instead of the one litre; which costs Ksh.611 (noting this is a fairly good price considering the one litre costs Ksh.168.)

Due to the quantity, the five litre one automatically comes with different packaging. So, I figured I would be recycling the bottle from the already used up soap for subsequent monthly refills.

However, here is the disadvantage, I had previously noticed that the one litre dishwashing liquid bottle wasn’t durable enough to go for more than a month due to wear and tear.

So, I just wondered to myself, “how will I be able to monitor the five litre soap usage without a one litre dishwashing liquid bottle?”

Here’s where God comes in.

Without having conversed with anybody, even had the thought to consult God (because why would God be concerned with dishes, dishwashing bottles, soap, and all of that?)…. my dad brought us a one litre liquid soap from another brand of which, guess what?

That brand usually has the most durable dishwashing liquid bottles.

For real gif

I know I am being extra… but can you believe that? We had an extra litre of soap for August, five litres of soap to take us up to the end of the year at an affordable price, annnnnnnd….a durable and recyclable dishwashing liquid bottle that could go up to two years (give or take).

See? I told you guys that it was too trivial. But still. Can you believe that God was concerned about our dishes?

It sounds funny writing it, but it’s truly humbling to know that I have a Father who does not classify some of my issues as pettiness, because I already had.

And I tell you the truth, there have been several, I emphasize, several instances such as these, even ‘pettier’ than the soap. I never bothered to even enquire from Him about them but He involved Himself anyway — I believe to show me that it doesn’t matter how trivial the matter is, He is always present and desires to be involved in all my life’s intricacies.

How amazing is that right? How weird, exciting, puzzling, unexpected and interesting is that? That The creator of the Pleiades, the Orion, Andromeda galaxy, and other high-priority handiworks is concerned with soap for our dishes.

My goodness!I am still God…

I see what you did there gif

God is concerned about your dishes too, your garbage collection, your lost shilling, your lost hair pin …and all of those trivial things in your life as long as they are a concern to you.

How amazeeeng!

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November 25, 2021 at 6:30 pm

Philippians 4:6 reminds us not be anxious about ANYTHING but with thanksgiving take our requests in EVERY situation to God through prayer…. That seems to cover everything including dishes, a sore throat, help finding misplaced valuables or even locating a missing sock. But I also admit that taking everything to Him isn’t always the first instinct so it’s always good to be reminded that the same God who numbered every strand of hair on each one of our heads would very gladly help us with everything that we might consider trivial before Him.

November 26, 2021 at 2:36 am

Awesome how GOD interacts with us in things that concern us… There have been 2 instances in which my wedding ring fell off my finger only to discover that it was gone much later. Both times I prayed for GOD’s help to find it and HE led me right to where it was. The first time was when I was mowing the grass and taking the clippings and throwing them out into an open lot/field of tall grasses. When I realized I didn’t have my ring, I prayed and listened as to where to look. In HIS small voice, he spoke the steps to take out into the open field specifically and then precisely where to look down and there it was! I was overjoyed that HE spoke to me the exact directions to take in finding it. I still can’t believe how involved HE was in the search. The second time I lost the ring was also during a time of moving my father-in-law’s yard and after praying, HE helped me find it again. So good sharing about this Shiko and remembering it to give HIM the glory…

November 26, 2021 at 5:42 am

Wooow! That is truly beyond words. Twice… and He was still present and actively assisting to find the ring? This is such a beautiful testimony of His goodness and faithfulness, and this too makes me realize how much little effect, strength and power we have in our own selves.
We are truly powerless in everything. If it were not for God, we would be such a mess.
Thanks Jeff for sharing this, you bet I’ll be using your testimony to remind myself (if I ever lose anything), that if He did it for you, He can surely do it for me too. :))

November 26, 2021 at 5:45 am

Couldn’t have said it any better. EVERY situation, I believe, summarises the whole post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this too Mark…I know I need the reminding.
A friend of mine has also commented on the same sharing on His ‘small things moments’ too… exactly as you have put it. :))

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